Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


21. No Warning

Niall he was standing in front of the hotel with the confused look on his face, my eyes started to get watery welling up with tears I had hoped I would never have to feel again after the day of my dad's funeral, I took my phone out of my pocket opening  a message,

'Niall get Zak and Shan and the boys if you want and go into my hotel room then give me a couple of minutes ill ring you put it on loudspeaker I have to tell you guys something!! Its urgent  xoxo'

I didn't know how to end the text whether to put goodbye, i love you, im sorry, none of it seemed right I don't know why but i couldn't bring myself to say any of it I didn't want to hurt him. Not long after sending Niall the text the driver pulled up to the airport where i paid him and jumped out grabbing my stuff and rushing over to the airline where I had to meet Kaytlan, I walked up to a desk with tear marked cheeks,

"Um, I called up earlier I need to meet Kaytlan here" I said taking a deep breathe,

"Uh yes let me get her for you" she replied smiling then walking around the back somewhere, while she was gone I pulled out my money cause I still needed to pay and I didn't want to have to find it and waste more time,

"Hi, thank you for getting here so quickly now I have your ticket here, I just need you to pay" she said placing my ticket on the table, I counted the money she wanted then handed it to her as I grabbed my ticket,

" Thank you Ma'am, Have a nice flight" she said smiling,

"Thank you, this means so much to me" I said smiling about to head off to my plane,

"and good luck, I hope you make it in time to see your mother, all my prayers go out to you and her" she said,

"Thank you again" I said a tear escaping my eyes, I quickly turned to head to the check in handing my ticket to the lady as she checked it asking me questions about whats in my bags, as they where taken away on the conveyer belt, My ticket was handed back to me as I walked through to where I had to board then plane, my plane was being called over the intercom,

'Passengers on the Flight from London to Sydney, Australia our plane is boarding now, London to Sydney, Australia'

I still had a bit so I quickly fixed my carry on bag on my back, then pulled my phone out of my pocket pressing the Dial button on Nialls contact on my phone,

"Emma, what happened where are you?" he asked sounding really worried,

"Are you on loudspeaker and is everyone with you?" I asked,

"Yes" he said as I heard an encore of hello's in the background,

"Ok guys i can't talk for long but ill call you back once my plane lands-" I was cut off my Shan,

"What do you mean once your plane lands?" she asked frantically,

"Thats the thing, when my mum texted before I called her back and she didn't pick up but someone did a doctor to be exact, he told me my mum has cancer but there is a chance that they can cure it with surgery, I am leaving to try and get back to see my mum, but guys especially you Shannon and Zak don't follow me you guys need to stay for the team or else we won't have enough players for the final, im really sorry I had to leave, and Niall you need to stay and help the guys with your next album..." I paused as there was another announcement for my flight, "Sorry guys I have to go ill probably call you when I land... well goodbye" i said hanging up turning off my phone and making my way over to the doors leading to the plane, there was a lady there checking tickets again so I handed it to her as she looked at it them smiled at me handing it back and raising her arm leading me in the direction to the plane.


I walked onto the plane finding my seat, the doors where closing as a last minutes flyer ran up the ramp and onto the plane she smiled at the attendants looking about my age as she cam and sat down in the spare sit next to me, She seemed to happy and cheery it was impossible, I just looked out the window before I saw a hand in the corner of my eye, I turned and saw the girl was holding out her hand for me to shake,

"Uh hi" I said taking her hand and shaking it,

"Hi, Im Nicole" she said as she took her hand into her lap, smiling at me.

"Im Emma" I said faking a smile, she looked at me for a bit then her mouth dropped,

"Um are you ok?" I asked watching her,

"Yo-Your Ema Pearse, the baseballer" she said pointing,

"Uh yea but im not famo-" I said,

"Your dating Niall Horan" she screamed,

"Oh yea" I said looking down,

"So why are you heading back to Australia, shouldn't you be with Niall, or back with your team don't they need you" she said,

"Yea but my mum needs me more right now" I said as more tears started to run down my face, what if I never see her again, well right now I have to pull myself together,

"Well im sure you don't want to talk to a fan about your personal life, so what will happen with Niall? you guys where adorable together, you where his princess, you have to go back to him, he will fall apart without"

"Im sure ill be the one breaking, and I really don't want to hurt him but right now i have to take care of myself, i wouldn't have left unless it was truly urgent" I said looking up to her, "I swear I have no intention of hurting him"

"I can see, don't worry I believe you" she said giving me a re-assuring smile, "and I hope your mother is ok" she said,

"Thank you, your so sweet" I said hugging her, I pulled out my phone turning it back on before i got on the flight I received non-stop calls and messages from Shan, Zak, Niall and all the others,

"Someone's popular" Nicole said laughing,

"Yea I didn't really say goodbye, I packed jumped in a taxi and got on the plane, I called them and explained why I had to leave but hung up cause I had to board" I said giving a slight smile,

"Oh I see" she said, Nicole and I got on quite well, she helped me take my mind off things for a bit she got me, and wasn't a crazy fan, not that many people have noticed me since I have been going out with Niall Luckily but who knows what things might be like back in Australia, We talked most of the flight but soon she feel asleep and so did I,


*Shan's POV*

What just happened?, Emma calls tells us she has gone home then hangs up, Like its was too quick,

"Did she just say her mum has cancer?" I asked shocked as Harry held me in his arms,

"Y-yes" Nialls stuttered,

"This isn't good" I said standing up and pacing the floor of our, I mean my hotel room,

"What do you mean?" Louis asked,

"Emma was so devastated when she lost her dad, she locked herself in her room, wouldn't talk to anyone she even stopped playing baseball and coming to school for like weeks, remember Zak?" I said looking at him,

"She was in her own little world, lost, she was never the same even though she seems so happy, but now losing her mum, her world, I don't know how she will take this one" Zak said as he sunk back in his chair, but he was right after her dad's death she was never the same, she did recover but never fully, what will happen this time, poor girl,

"We'll we have to think positively she never said her mum died, just that she has cancer and that there is a chance that they can cure it" Liam re-assured us,

"Your right, we just have to call and text her keep her calm and make sure she keeps an open-mind' I said taking large breathes, I just can't believe she didnt give me a heads up, like we are pretty much sisters and she just drove off, without even texting me,

"You ok love?" harry asked wrapping his hands around my waist,

"Uh yea sorry, just thinking" I said quickly,

"Wanna talk?" he asked concerned,

"No don't worry im fine, thanks" I said smiling and turning in his arms,

"you sure?" he said looking at me stille worried,

"Im fine Harry, just a bit tired, you guys can stay as long as you like but last one to leave lock the door, im off to bed ive had it for the day" I said waving, "Night guys"

"Night Shan" they all said in unison


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