Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


26. Moving On...

*Niall's Text*

Hey Love, Wanted to know how you where, None of the boys or Shan have heard from you lately and where getting kind of worried, Call us or something please! See you soon babe Love you!! xxx

*Emma's P.o.V*

Just as i was pulling myself together and starting to let loose my heart dropped. I had completely forgotten about everyone else. I left the message and placed my phone done hoping that i might figure something out tomorrow cause right now i might say something stupid since im exhausted.


*Next Morning*

I got up to the most amazing smell, and following it i found my way to the kitchen where Nicole was cooking up a buffet,

"What do you think your doing" i screamed,

"Cooking, Why?" she looked almost shocked,

"Its your last day and your my guest sit your ass down" I said trying to steal the spatula off of her, "Just hand it over and nobody gets hurt" I warned, as she finally gave in and i got to finish breakfast as we both sat down to the table which she set, we started digging in to what we finally realised might be our last meal together,

"Emma, are you sure you can't come and live with me in England i would miss you too much if you stayed here" Nicole pleaded for the hundredth time this morning,

"I can't just pick up and leave, especially since i have a lot of explaining to do to Shannon and Zak and everyone" I said feeling guilty... i still haven't properly explained to them.


"Oh come one you even said you owed me for ruining my holiday" she joked, as we both giggled,

As we finished off i was still debating whether i should move to England with her, we could move in together, help each other out.

"Hey i nearly forgot to tell you i-ah.. got a text from Niall... the other night" I said slowly taking my plate and some other dishes to the sink as the screaming started,

"WHAT!!!, OH MI GAWD! What did he say and what did you say back?" She yelled rushing in behind,

"He was asking what was happening, how i am, why i haven't texted lately thats all" i mumbled,

"and what did you text back" she shrieked holding onto my arm for dear life,

"Well uh...  nothing" I said letting out a sigh,

"Well what are you gonna say"

"I don't know thats the thing, i can't stand to see him all upset because of me" I said facing her, thats when i realised what i had to do, I pulled out my phone opening the text and running to my room closing the door behind me and sliding down it.

I started writing something that im not sure if i'll regret, but i ad to do it.


I sent back,

"Look Niall, I uh have to tell you something, I don't think this will work I hate seeing you upset because of me, I don't think this will work and im not worth waiting for. Your an amazing guy and im sure there are much better girls out there for you, please move on it would make me happy just to see you happy. xxx The girl you met at Nando's" 

I chucked my phone onto my bed as i ran back down to Nicole, I had something to tell her...


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