Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


17. Magazine Mayhem!

"Get off me and Ill show you" I said pushing her off of me and getting up straightening my clothes. "You don't wanna help me up" she said holding her arm up to me, "No cause its your fault your down there" I said smirking, "My god, Some people never change, seriously it doesnt even feel like we left New York" Chris said walking in and lifting Shan up off of the floor, "Come on Chris I thought you new us better then that" i said softly punching his arm, "True my bad" He laughed, "Wait, What?, Why? actually How?" She asked, "One question at a time remember he isnt the brightest" I said covering my mouth pretending to whisper to Shan as she laughed, "Hey" Chris yelled sounding a bit whiny haha.


"Hey Emma, I need to as-" Zak said walking into my room stopping in his tracks when he saw Chris, "CHRISSSSS!!!, buddy where have you been hiding" Zak said jumping on Chris, "Oi guys take the Bromance into the living room, Please" "No Problem" Chris said carrying Zak into the living room where they started chatting and catching up, Since Shan was still speechless I had to do what any best friend would have done in my situation, "Shan The Fuck Up" I said yelling at her and slapping her across the face, "OOOOW, EMMA!!" She screamed as the boys looked over at us, "Oh where all good don't worry" I said giving the boys a thumbs up then turning back to Shan, "Hey I had to you looked.. Well You looked.. Just plain stupid ok" "You didn't need to slap me" "Are You sure?" "Yes im fucking sure,it burns like uggh no words can describe it" She said walking over to the fridge and getting an Ice Pack, "I didn't hit you that hard, come on" I said walking over to her, "Yes you did and I demand we enforce the slap back rule here" "Fine take your best shot" I said standing completely still with my arms by my side and my eyes shut, The Slap Back rule is our rule where if we believe the slap was for no reason the victim gets to slap the attacker back its funny haha.


As I closed my eyes waiting for the slap we heard a loud bang and as we turned around we saw....


*Harry's POV* (Before Emma got home)


Since Shan thought Emma might come back to the hotel soon we decided to head back, I dropped her off at her room then took the elevator up to my floor. As I walked in I saw Niall on the Couch surrounded by the boys he had a magazine on his lap. "Hey whats happening here" I asked walking in a bit concerned he look worried and upset at the same time and the boys just in disbelief, "Here" Was all Niall said as he handed me the magazine, I knew what was wrong at the first look of the magazine. The front cover had pictures of Emma sitting at a cafe with a boy laughing and smiling and a Title in bold: "Has Niall's New Girl moved On?" It even had writing underneath 'We have all the news, goss and even more pics on pages 12-13' "What this is so not true, No way in hell" I said looking at Niall, "I really don't know what to believe Harry" HE said looking to the floor, "Emma isn't like that Niall, you are her first boyfriend she wouldn't want to ruin that, She is just like you, You waited for your Princess and She waited for her Prince she opened up to you on the second day of knowing her, She said yes to being your girlfriend even though she pushed everyone else away are you gonna let photographers who are only interested in money get in the way of your relationship with the most amazing girl well apart from Shan" I tried reassuring him that non of this was true but I hope Emma is home so i could get her side of the story.


"Your right, do you know if she is back yet?" He asked standing up looking a bit better then before, "Im not sure but we can go check come on Nialler" i said grabbing the magazine and making my way over to the door. He walked past me as we headed for the elevator and pressing the button for the floor beneath us as we drove the elevator to Shan and Emma's Floor. As I got out of the elevator I saw the door the Shan's hotel room open then heard a scream so i ran to the door forgetting to stop and ramming into the open door as Niall caught up to me help me up i saw Emma and Shan in the kitchen looking at me.


*Emma's POV*


"Harry What are you doing" I said as I saw him on the ground, Shan was a bit more concerned haha i didn't mean to be rude but he ran into our door so thats the way I reacted, "OMG Babe are you ok?" Shan asked running over to Harry and Niall helped him up, "Yea um fine" he said brushing off his clothes, "Anyway Emma your back, Im glad your ok" He said, How sweet, "Im fine I just went for a walk to clear my head your the one that ran into a door" I said laughing, "Yea anyway back to the point of us being here, Who is this?" Harry said sounding serious as he held up a magazine, "What are you and Chris doing on the front of a magazine?" Zak said confused as he walked into the room with Chris behind him, "What Im on a magazine?" Chris asked

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