Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


15. Late Night Park Fun!

After an amazing dinner with the boys, Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle it was only 8:30pm so we decided to walk around London and take in the amazing fresh air and the beautiful starlit night sky. We all walked down the streets of London for a while until we found a cute little park with flower gardens and everything but it was quite dark now and has that ever stopped me before? then the boys decided it would be funny to run off and hide in the shadows of the trees and some nearby bushes, leaving all us girls freaking out in the middle of the park. We all walked around as a group looking for the boys, when Niall walked up behind me, wrapping his arms around my middle and swing me around, just like every other girl would have done in my situation I screamed my lungs out, until Niall placed me back on the ground spinning me around and silencing my scream by crashing his lips onto mine.


After me all the girls found there guys, Harry actually pulled Shan into the bushes with him and soon after that all you heard was Louis shouting at him "Harold calm down we are in a public place" and Harry shout back "When has that ever stopped me before" he yelled back as we all broke out in laughter. We all had a great time but Shan and I wanted to get back a bit earlier because we wanted to get a decent amount of sleep since we had two games tomorrow, So Niall and Harry accompanied us back to the Hotel and Zayn, Louis, Liam, Danielle went back to Eleanor's to hang out together. We got back to our hotel room and it was 11:25pm. I kissed Niall good night before he left then walked into my room getting changed into these: then walked out into the main room where Shan had already gotten changed into this: wearing matching shorts and shirt cutey, haha. We sat next to each other on the couch just smiling at each other, "He's absolutely" I said smiling from ear to ear, "See I told you to take a chance" Shan said feeling really proud of herself, "I know and Thank you for that, your amazing" "I know" she said all smug as I pulled her in for a hug, "Well we better get some sleep for tomorrows games, ok?" "Yep, Night Babe" she said hugging me once more before walking into her room" "Night lovely"


The next morning I woke up at 5am, gaaaah I hate 8am games, I jumped into the shower, for 20 minutes, then got out waking up Shan so she could shower as I got dressed. By the time we where both dressed in out uniforms with out baseball bags packed it was 10 to 6. Since we where the last ones to leave the hotel we could sing what ever we wanted not having to worry about which songs other people liked so of course we picked a One Direction song. On our way out of the lobby as we where singing "Up All Night" we spotted two handsome guys leaning against the walls of the hotel, as we turned we realised it was Harry and Niall waiting for us, "What are you two doing up so early?" I asked surprised, "We have to head over to the studio soon but we thought you two would be coming out soon" Harry said smirking, "Haha, Well I guess you two are right but we do have to go, we have like 10 minutes to get to the field" I said as they walked towards us, "aaaaw haha, Good luck girls" Niall's pretending to pout but kissing me on the cheek and hugging me good bye, then hugging Shan and jumping into a car that was about to take them to the studio, Then Harry did the same to Shan and hugged me goodbye as well, but as he got into the car he turned and said, "Oh and I like that song you where just singing who's it by" he said cheekily smiling, "Haha, Mr. Styles very funny" I said sarcastically as i turned to walk off with Shan, "I try, Cya girls, Good luck" he said as his driver took off up the road.


We sung our way down the road as we finally arrived at the field walking up into the dug out finding the team in there getting there stuff out of there bags, we sat down and did the same as I started talking with Zak and Taylor. When Reece arrived we all got out on the field and started training. When we started the game it was a slow start no runs to either side, but soon enough we scored a few runs but so did the other team. It came down to the last innings where we where only ahead by a couple runs, Reece had taken me out of catcher, which looking back on now was the worst idea ever but im not blaming him it was my stupid mistake, which should have been a simple play. Well we had a player on each base, I was in outfield when a ball was hit out to me, I don't know how but i stuffed up the play bad .... real bad. Pretty much my mistake lost us the game and im not saying i never stuff up cause i do but never as bad as this one, even Shan, Zak and Reece where surprised this was my worst in i don't even know how long. That one mistake killed me, really it might not seem like much but Ive put my whole life into baseball and this stuff up which cost us the game it was the worst. Like a painting you put your heart and soul into that is ruined by a coffee stain, thats how I felt.


But this wasnt the worst of it, turns out this was just the stone that knocked me off balance, I still had the fall to come. Not just in baseball, in my studies, my relationship, just like my whole life was crashing down around me.

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