Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


1. Intro

Hey, My name is Emma (brown wavy hair, green eyes), Professional Baseball Player, well.. thats an over exaggeration Im actually on my way Im not the biggest girlie girl type I love sports though I  do like to make an impression and dressing up Im just not the whole cake face make-up shopping and boys. But anyway I play baseball for Australia which is amazing I get to meet heaps of new people make friends for life play baseball nearly every day and travel all over the world. Ive played baseball nearly my whole life started playing club when i was around 4 then when i was around 9 i started playing representative baseball for Bankstown then all women's baseball and winter. To think of it i really packed it all in cause most of it was at the same time haha anyway. Im now 17 still playing baseball as you can tell and I nearly forgot to tell you the best bit Im actually going to London for a big baseball England vs Australia Gala Week kind of marathon. Its' going to be amazing Ive packed and we are leaving tomorrow. Wow was time going so fast me and my best friend Shannon (blonde straight hair, sapphire blue eyes) have been playing together ever since we meet in tiny tots which is like a get to know baseball thing our clubs runs every year. She should be here soon we are going to spend the night at mine then make our way to the airport and meet up with the rest of the team and this isn't an all girl team there's me, Shannon, Emily, Tayla then there's Matt, Zak, Chris, Daniel, Pearce, Hunter, Josh and James. They are all amazing guys but more best mates nothing else before you guys go jumping to conclusions. I set up the bed with a row of movies and the microwave just beeped Oh popcorn's done just as i was putting it into a large bowl the doorbell rang. "Coming" I yelled making my way to the door as i opened it all i heard where screams before i was literally attacked by Shannon she pulled me into a massive hug she must have been extremely excited to see One Direction. Yea the first game was in the hometown of One Direction yes I was excited but like I said earlier not a major girl I don't squeal in peoples faces because Im excited to see them. Well Shan finally let go of me and decided to let me breathe so i would be alive for the game. We didn't stay up to late we had to be up early and we also had a game the same day we arrived in London so we put on Toy Story since Shan loved Liam and as you all know Liam loves Toy story. after about 15 minutes we where both out. We woke the next morning to WMYB our alarm tone. We both jumped up got our clothes for today out and Shan jumped into the shower as I went downstairs and prepared some breakfast. I placed about 4 choc-chip pancakes onto a plate 2 for both of us and if i may say so myself they looked amazing i added some whipped cream and a little plate to the side and heard Shan coming down the stairs. She walked into the kitchen lookin fabulous in this: She loved being bold and going all out but that was just her personality and i loved her for that. I had already started eating so i could go shower straight after she was out. "You look amazing as always Shan Choc-Chip pancakes on the table enjoy i gotta go shower ok" i said walking out of the kitchen. "Thanks Emma, and the pancakes look great thanks babe" she yelled back like i said she had a all out there personality and she loved being loud. I jumped straight into the warm water as ran down my body and i had to be quick so i washed up, put my fave shampoo and conditioner in and rinsed it out. I wrapped my hair in a towel dried off then changed into this: I know what your thinking about the shorts but they where my fave don't know why but they where ironic that i wore them while on a plane to London haha anyway i let my hair dry natural since i loved it the way it hung when it was a little wet while stile drying. We had our baseball bags and they weren't small either  then we had our 2 suitcases each since we where going for a while. We needed our clothes then we had a little toiletry bags, then we had our uniforms packed in a separate bag. our uniform wasn't that bad either i quite liked it White pants then our navy blue Vikings shirts which fit my figure quite well. It was worse for me since i was the catcher i had to bring an extra bag full of my catchers gear.  We got all our bags into a taxi and made our way to the airport this was going to be the biggest and best trip ever.

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