Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


8. How Could He

*Niall's POV* I said goodbye the the guys as I walked out of our hotel room, after getting changed into this: I headed down the corridor to the elevator I was a bit late as I got into the elevator it was 9:03, on the 9th floor a few girls got in who where fans so I singed some autographs and took some photos but by the time I got to the lobby I was bombarded by tons of fans luckily security knew I was going out today and had a few guards in the lobby just in case but it got worse before it got better they took me out back and wouldn't let me back into the the lobby until they where sure all the girls where gone and they weren't sure how long that would take.


*Emma's POV*


I had been waiting there for what seemed like forever and nothing I check my watch and it was 9:45 I had been waiting there for nearly an hour. I didn't think Niall was someone that would do this I was to upset to think about a reason he would do this so I made my way over to the elevator and as I raised my head to step in Shannon and Harry walked out. "Emma what are you doing here I thought you and Niall would have left like an hour ago" she said looking at me worried, I felt like an idiot saying this

"Uh well he didn't show" I said trying not to cry as my eyes started to get watery,

"What do you mean he didn't show he left ages ago he was so excited nothing was gonna get in his way" Harry said as shocked as Shan was.

"I don't know but right now I just wanna go to my room and sleep" I said turning away to try and dry my eyes a bit,

"You want me to come babe?"

"No Shan you go I really don't wanna spoil your day"

"Emma please don't worry about me your the one thats about to cry"

"Shannon please go enjoy London ill be fine"

"Your sure"

"Hundred Percent now you and Harry Behave" I said walking into the elevator, "We'll Try" Harry said giving me a cheeky smile as they waved goodbye.


I made my way up the elevator to my floor luckily no one got in but as I went to unlock my hotel door Zak walked out of his, damn why now!

"Emma I thought you and Shan where going sight seeing what happened?"

"oh nothing Shan went with Harry and Im not feeling that good so Im just gonna hang out in my room" I said trying not to turn around

"Hey are you ok?, something doesn't sound right"

"How did you know" I said turning around trying not to sound to upset

"Emma come on Ive known you for nearly 11 years, I know when something is up" he said looking at me sympathetically, "Well Niall was gonna take me out to see London we where meant to meet in the lobby nearly an hour ago he didn't show" I said my eyes welling up with tears again,

"What the, How could he do that to you" You could hear the anger in his voice as he fists clenched,

"Zak calm down im sure theirs an explanation just don't do anything stupid ill talk to him later but just don't do anything your gonna regret please" I asked looking into his eyes,

"Why shouldn't I, I can't see you upset like this and not do anything about it"

"Please Zak because I asked you to now go out and enjoy yourself but please promise me you won't do or say anything to Niall"

"Fine" he said jokingly sounding upset,

"Thanks Zak"

"Anytime Emma, just remember Im here for ya ok"

"I know Zak, Thank you again" I said hugging him and waving goodbye as I turned to enter my room.


By the time I got back to my room it was 10 and since I hadn't eaten anything I grabbed a quick snack, but was to tired and upset to change so i jumped into bed and turned on the tv to disney, and fell sleep. I slept for around 2 hours and woke up at 12, since there was still some time to spare I decided to take a walk and get lost in London kind of lose myself forget everything that's happened today and enjoy myself. I got up, straightened my clothes, fixed my hair and left my room making my way down the elevator and out of the the hotel. I walked for a while just taking in the fresh air and the most amazing buildings and gardens before I stopped at a little cafe for something to eat. I ordered a Hot Chocolate and a slice of cake. As I sat there I kind drifted off. Turns out I think just a tad to much. I was brought back to reality when I noticed quite a familiar face with blonde hair. Yep you guessed it Niall surrounded by security walking around London but he didn't look so happy. It was my worst nightmare and Yes I wanted to talk to him but not right now. I was still trying to get him out of my head.


I turned trying to make sure he didn't notice me, guess I was to late because I looked up to the sound of metal scratching against the ground and realised Niall had pulled up a chair and sat down opposite me. It was quite awkward for a while and I thought if I didn't say anything it would just get worse, "So umm, Hi"

"Emma look Im sorry about this morning but it wasn't my fault"

"Please Niall not now Ive spent like all morning trying to forget right now I just need fresh air"

"Well we could go for a walk and maybe when your ready I'll explain, Im promise it will be worth it"

"Fine" I said as I let him pull me up from my seat

"Im fine boys you guys can head back to the hotel" He said to the security as we walked in the opposite direction,

"So would you like to explain about what happened earlier" I said turning to look at him

"Sure would, Its quick and easy as well, I was in the elevator on the way down when some fans got in the elevator I signed some autographs took some pictures and as I went to get out of the elevator in the lobby when I was surrounded by a tonne of fans so security had to take me out the back they wouldn't let me back in til all the girls where gone, they wouldn't even let me out of there site. Im so sorry"

"Its ok Niall, guess I forgot that you where famous and kind of  a package deal when I asked you out" I said, as he stopped in he tracks and looked at me, Im guessing confused about the package deal thing,

"Package Deal?" he asked raising an eyebrow,

"Oh, I didnt mean anything bad just like when I asked you out I forgot you came as a package deal like you, your music, your fame and of course your fans"

"Oh, well that is a way tp put it, So does that mean we can start again"

"Of course, Hi I'm Emma and you are?" I said holding out my hand to shake

"Niall Horan, How do you do?" he asked shaking my hand

"Not to Shabby you know, What about you" I said mocking a british accent, as we burst out laughing.

"You are terrible with accents but its cute" He said as we continued walking.

"Oh, how rude but its true" I said laughing as he joined in. We continued our walk as he showed my his favorite sites before we where stopped by...

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