Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


22. Hospital Trip

*Shan's POV*

I walked to bed that night so confused more then anything worried, what is Emma doesn't get back to her mother in time and what if the surgery doesn't go well thats 2 parents she never got to say goodbye too and then after all this what will happen to Emma, she is a strong person but one girl can only take so much before falling. As I laid in bed still thinking about everything that has happened I heard the hotel door close, hte boys probably left, but then my room door opened I laid there silently wondering who it was,

"Uh, Shan you awake?" he was that familiar thick Irish accent, I took a deep breathe before sitting up,

"Yea Niall, Whats up?" I asked pretty sure of what he was standing in my doorway for,

"Are you sure Emma is going to be ok?, you know how you said not to follow her I can't help thinking that I am mean't to go, find her stay by her side be her shoulder to cry on in case something bad happens, you know?" he said finishing the last bit looking into my eyes sighing,

"Look Niall, Emma is a strong girl, and she asked us not to follow her she is looking out for you, she probably doesn't want you to she her in the state she is in, listen when she is ready she will call or come back or find a way to reach you, and I promise you she will" I said getting out of bed and making my way over to him, "She always does when something bad happens" I said embracing him in a huge hug,

"If you are sure about it then ill give her some space, but I feel like I am meant to be with her, it just gets to me knowing she is upset and I can't do anything about it" he said as we stepped away from each other,

"She will call or text you or me first, so you'll be fine and Ill call her ever day to she how she is and i'll update you, ok" I said,

"I guess thats better then nothing" he said nodding,

"Now go to bed and we can try getting a hold of her first thing tomorrow, if you guys aren't busy"

"Well we have to go to the studio but should be back by noon"

"Thats fine, have fun tomorrow, night" I said hugging him one last time,

"Night Shan and thanks" he said making his way to the door,

"no problem" I said as I closed and locked the door behind him making my way back to my bed, closing my eyes I drifted off to sleep quite fast.


*Emma's POV*

 I was woken up but Nicole shaking me,

"Emma the planes landing" she said while shaking me,

"What, oh ok" I said stilling trying to open my eyes, I got up as everyone started to head to the door of the plane, thats when I remembered I was in a rush, I grabbed my carry on and quickly headed off the plane running over to the conveyer belt where everyones luggage was coming out, Nicole caught up to me as she grabber her stuff,

"You in a rush?" she asked as I tried to keep up with me while I exited the airport trying to call a taxi,

"yea, I have to get to the hospital" I said quickly as all the taxi's drove right past me, she stepped out onto the road as she whistled loudly waving a taxi over,

"Wow" was all I could get out as she chucked mine and her suitcases in the back jumping in grabbing my arm,

"What hospital?" she asked looking at me,

"St.George Hospital" I said looking at the driver,

"Easy, Sit back and ill have you there in no time" the driver said smiling,

"Thank you" I replied as he took off, I turned to Nicole who had a re-assuring smile plastered on her face, Im guessing she won't be leaving anytime soon, not like thats a bad thing i guess i need someone, but i hardly know her.

"Won't your family be worried when you dont turn up?" I asked,

"No, Im here on vacation, i figured you might need a friend right now, ive lost both my parents so i know how it feels to be rushed to the hospital not really knowing what to do and I took it hard" she said with a thick british accent, i just noticed that i guess because i was too busy worrying about my mum before to even notice it, "So what happened to your mum?" she asked softly,

"She has cancer, and ive already lost my father to cancer so this is easy at all, especially since she didn't tell me about any check-ups or anything, in fact yesterday i was told by a doctor, she didn't even get a chance to tell me" i said with tears running down my face, she wiped them away looking at me sincerely,

"Don't worry love i know how it feels, i lost my mum to cancer and my dad was in a car crash on the same night since he was speeding to get to the hospital, i was about 10 not a fun day at all" she said looking down, "I moved in with my aunty but she hated me, as soon as I was old enough to get my own place i did, I go to a musical arts school, but im on summer holidays, thought i would spend it in a warm place like Australia" she said laughing, "You know what, you could move in with me, Oh My GOD, that would be sooo cool" she said smiling, and getting all excited "Look lets take it slow there is a chance my mum could make it" i said calming her down,

"Oh sorry didn't mean to go overboard" she said calming down,

"And I think we are nearly here, How far driver?" I asked,

"Not long, actually we are turning in now" he said turning the wheel into a big car-park, There we saw a huge white building so this must be a good hospital because it was massive. Now all i had to do was hope it wasn't to late to get rid of the cancer.


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