Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


25. Gettin out!

*Nicole P.O.V*

I knew she wasn't in any state to continue talking about her parents and there wasn't really much i could do i hardly know her except for the fact that her parents died she has no one else and most importantly that the only reason I recognised her is because she is going out with Niall Horan!.. Wait what happens now she is broken and he will be since it looked like she left in a hurry has she spoken to him hes gonna be broken first says he found his princess then she leaves obviously family troubles but still it will break him!

"Umm... Do you mind if i ask what happens to Niall, you must have left in a hurry have you spoken to him yet?" I asked and her eyes dropped from me to the floor,

"Not yet, I told Zac to say sorry to him for me but it won't mean the same.." she said as her voice faded out,

"This will break him, he really loved you ask any Directioner, first he called you his princess says he finally found the right girl, after he met you he was always smiling check every photo that was taken after you two meet and the way he protected you when you guys went for a walk and the paps found you, we haven't seen him so happy, this...this will break his heart"

"I don't think it was like that but i do know this will hurt him, i have to call him tell him what happens,but i don't think i can, cause right now its still not real to me"

"I know how it feels trust me, so what happens now do you know what your going to do?" I asked watching her fading like she wasn't really with me,

"Huh, oh probably hide away thats how it worked last time" I said taking another sip of my coffee then placing it on the coffee table in the middle of my couch and the one next to me,

"You shouldn't do that its not good for you plus your parents wouldn't like to see you like that, that raised an amazing strong girl, show them that the time you spent with them wasn't wasted get back out there make them proud"


*Emma's P.O.V*

"I hate it when your right what makes it worse is I hardly know you" I said my smile slightly coming back and she half laughed,

"I have a talent of growing on people" she smiled,

"You defiently do"

"Well for now you go to bed you need the sleep" she said helping me up, "Ill look around if its ok and see what we have then if i have to, ill see if i can find a shop to buy anything we need" Pretty much dragging me up the stairs to my room,

"I can't have you do that you have already done so much, at least let me help and so you don't get lost if we need anything ill drive us then i promise to rest"

"Ok but only because i don't know my way around" she said smiling as we made our way to the kitchen, We looked around a bit realising my mum stocked up before heading to the doctors,

"I bet she knew if something happened i would end up sitting around at home not wanting to go anywhere, she is so organised" I said closing the last cupboard,

"I love your mum already" Nicole said closing the fridge as i laughed falling back into a chair as she joined me,

"So that means we can sleep, even though its like 10 in the morning i said looking at the time on my phone, i hate the time change where like 10 hours in front of the UK" i said frowning,

"Well i think we both deserve some sleep, so lets hit the sack" she said picking her self up and taking my hand helping me up,

"Thank you" I said smiling and leading the way upstairs.

I said night to her before escaping to my room laying down on my bed still in my clothes from the flight, i couldn't seem to sleep at first to busy thinking about Niall and how i was meant to tell him the news but after a while i finally closed my eyes and fell asleep.


Nicole stayed with me helping me along the whole way she was mean't to be on vacation for a month and a half here but i ruined it i felt really bad instead of seeing the sights she got to babysit a crying 16 year old, so i promised her on the last day to take her to the city and she her some spots she wanted to see. Most of them being places One Direction visited when they came here. She got a picture with a Koala at Taronga Zoo then i took her to the Sydney Aquarium, the Wildlife Park and at the end of the day we went to Centrepoint Sydney Tower where we had dinner, i could tell i made her day and i was really glad after how she helped me over the past couple weeks theres no way i could repay her fully.

"Oh My God, Em today was amazing!! Thank you so much" she squealed as the waiter brought out our desserts,

"I really wanted to try and repay you for your help i ruined your vacation, this doesn't even come close to how much i owe you"

"Shut up, you don't owe me anything, you needed a friend I wasn't going to turn that offer down when i know how much i needed someone in at a time like this" she said taking another spoonful of her dessert and sliding it into her mouth,

"Ive actually never been up here myself so its bit of an adventure for me as well" i said laughing,

"Sydney is amazing, can't see how you stay away from it for soo long when you go away for baseball"

"Its hard, but im so used to being away and when i am away i try not to think of how much i miss people but remember ill see them again, stops me from getting home sick"

"Smart" she says as we both finish up and the waiter returns with the check, I paid as we walked out heading back to the train station, you must think im weird but i love trains well catching trains anyway haha im not crazy obsessed. We sat talking as she went on and on about her great day. When we arrived home it was quite late and we where both tired from all the walking and all that we did today, we decided going straight to bed was the way to go. As I placed my phone on charge it beeped and when i check it turns out I had received a text from Niall...


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