Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


6. First Time For Everything

"Shan seriously you smile anymore today and her whole bloody face will stretch, Whats up with you today?" I asked

"Well one Niall Horan likes you know the famous, hot guy out of world known One Direction uh now he has your number, OMG as if your not freaking out right now Emma" she said jumping down the road.

"Well Shan again never been in a relationship before so who knows what could happen, two im not really thinking about how famous he is remember Im camera shy and I have stage fright how the fuck do you expect me to go around with him if he is always followed by paps, plus if my mum finds out im a goner, remember im here for one thing and one thing only B.A.S.E.B.A.L.L, Baseball" I said grabbing her my the hand turning her towards me.

"Ok Emma calm down that just means more for me" she said jokingly

"Whatever just don't throw yourself at them you'll look desperate and we don't want that do we Shan" I said laughing

"Of Course not Emma" she said with a smile as we skipped to the front door of the Hotel boy we where really weird haha.


We got upstairs and changed into out baseball gear again getting our bags and heading back out to the baseball field, We walked out the door of our room and heading to the elevator singing Wide Awake by Katy Perry, As the doors opened and I looked up still singing I realised who was inside It was Niall and the boys. OMG, Shut Up Emma was all i could think putting my hands over my mouth I was speechless, luckily Shan wasn't

"oh hey Guys your going up right? we'll just wait for the next one"

"Ok cya guys later probably" Liam sad smiling and just as Niall went to say something the doors closed.

"OMG Emma your face just then was priceless" was all Shan could say while laughing before the second elevator got here Empty Thank God.

"Shut Up Shan and get in" I said hitting her on the shoulder

"I have no idea what happened usely i don't care who sees us haha" I said looking at Shan on the why down, She wasn't really helpful all she did was shrug her shoulders as we keep singing heading into the lobby and through the front door of the hotel we heard a third voice join in and knew it was gonna be Taylor we turned to see her leaning against the wall. We laughed and continued down the road singing.


We got to the field perfectly on time all three of us still singing Wide Awake I swear we added like 10 extra chorus's and 20 of our own verses haha. Since we already trained 2 hours before our first game and played a real game we only did a half hour train session and our game started at 6:30pm. We batted first and got write a few around the bases which was a great start. We where a great team really supportive of each other and I think thats why we win most of our games we don't get angry or put anyone down he help and give advice if something is done wrong. So its helps a lot being in an amazing team plus a mixture of personalities is defiantly a good combination.


*2 Hours Later*


We where in the last dig the opposition where bating and we where winning but it was a close game so we had to stay focused one mistake could possibly lose us the game. Really intense I know but its true. By the time the game ended we had won but only by 3 it was an extremely close game and the other team where really good. This time instead of celebrating we all went back to the hotel is was around 8:45pm and we where all tired only landed in London yesterday played 6 and a half hours of baseball today ad we where all able to walk i think it was a miracle but we all made it back to the hotel. I think it was due to Taylor, Shan's and my singing of Shout It Out by Reece Mastin that keep the team going and a few beats by Hunter who i don't think knew the song we where even singing but we all had a laugh especially when it cam to Shan's solo she was the worse singer ever but didn't care she would sing everything quite funny actually.


By the time we got back to the hotel it was like 20 past 9 and everyone went straight to bed except for me I got dressed into this: then sat on my bed trying to think of what happened to me during the elevator scene with Niall, Like what came over me. After a while I was to tired to keep my eyes open when there was a knock at the door. I dragged myself out of bed and over to the door opening it to find Niall standing there.

"Oh uh Hi Niall, what are you doing here at 10 O'clock at night?" I asked realizing what my jumper said and folding my arms to cover it up

"Hey, Oh haha nice jumper" he said smiling

"Well i was on my was gonna call but i was on my way up so I thought i would stop by but it looks like your really tired so, umm ill go" he said turning in the direction of the elevator down the hall,

"Wait Niall what where you coming here to do exactly" i said quickly grabbing his arm before he was out of reach, stepping outside of my room into the corridor with him. "Um well, shit I knew there was something I forgot to do" he said covering up his face with his free hand,

"You came here and forgot to plan what you where gonna say"

"Uh yea kind of stupid i know sorry"

"No actually its probably something i would do as well" I said laughing as he joined in.


We stood there for a while just lookin around like lost dogs,

"Well um your probably tired so ill let you get to bed" he said going to turn again,

"Wait Niall do you know your way around London very well"

"Um kind of why?" he said looking confusion,

"Well Shannon and I could use a tour guide for tomorrow if your not busy that is"

"Um well the other guys would probably be better like uh Harry he and Louis live in London" he said looking at his feet. "Really Niall i know im not very good at this since ive never been out on a date before let alone in a relationship but im trying to ask if you wanna go out with me tomorrow for i don't know a day to get lost in London or something" As soon as he heard this his face shot up

"Wait what?" "Really Niall"

"No i heard what you said but you really wanna go out with me tomorrow?"

"Yea why do you seemed to surprised?" I asked kind of confused at how surprised he was.

"well its usually the others who get the attention like if we meet fans most of them hug the others and not me I pretend like it doesn't hurt bu.." I cut him off

"Well ive never hugged anyone from One Direction before and I am a fan" I said smiling at him stepping forward while wrapping my arms around his middle after a while he hugged me back. We stood there in each others arms for what seemed like forever until...

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