Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


10. First Kiss

"Sooo, What I wanna know is what got you into baseball sounds interesting"

"Well..." I started explaining as we made our way back to the hotel.

"My dad was always a baseball fan and he got me started as soon as I could walk. I was in tiny tots which helps youngsters with beginners skills and when I was old enough I started club, then joining tips, representative baseball like for state, womens baseball, winter. I was pretty much playing baseball all year round. Meaning Training Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday then games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He had me in everything but he didn't force me, I enjoyed it. I thought my life was great everything perfect my grades at school where average because I spent so much time playing baseball, It was the sport that brought my whole family together until one day my dad never showed up to one of my games I was 10 and for 6 years he showed up to every games except the grand finals of under 10's. Thats when my world came crashing down I got a ride home from Shan as usual I walked inside and my mum was crying like crazy she told me my dad had incurable cancer and they never told me and he died from it that day. Worst day of my life I missed a whole week of school and baseball even though club baseball was over all the other games like womens, representative where still going and winter had just started and I knew my dad would say I was letting the team down so I got back up and made baseball my life Shan and Zak where beside me every step of the way. Then when I was older I signed up for the Australian team which has taken me everywhere over the last year or so its helped me just get away be myself and really until now I haven't let anyone else in." We finally made it back and we walked to the back door he sat down for a bit I guess to take everything in,

"So you where serious when you said you've never dated or gone out with a guy before"

"Yea, I guess Ive just had trouble letting people in and or something like plus I never have time Im either traveling, training, playing baseball or trying to keep up with school." We stood outside for a bit in silence,

"Um maybe its time to go inside"

"Uh yea", I took his hand and lead him inside to the elevator.

"Look Niall, Um Im sorry I kind of just stuck you with all that emotional crap"

"Emma it's fine its helped me see the real you, and I like that" he said giving me a cute kind of unsure smile. It was quiet until my floor came.

"So Yea, Bye Niall" I said turning to walk out when he pulled my back into the elevator close to him as the doors closed behind me.

"Look Emma, Um"

"Really Niall first you make me ask you out and now you want me to kiss you do I have to do everything" He just looked at me for a bit I could tell he was shocked since I was pretty much readin his mind then, Finally stepped closer crashing his lips onto mine. As we got to his floor the door opened and before we could separate and we heard a voice in the distance "Oi lads you guys should come check this out" As we broke apart Niall Looked up and I turned around to see Louis, Harry, Zayn and Liam standing in the hallway watching us. "oh God" I said diggin my head into Niall's chest trying to hide. I could hear the guys laughing in the background.

"So I guess you found him Emma"

"Sure did Harry" I said laughing.

"I should get back to my hotel room, Cya Niall" I said softly pushing him out the elevator before kissing him once more "Night Emma"

"Night Niall, Night Guys" I said waving to them "Night Emma" They all yelled as the doors started to close I saw them puckering up there lips while making kissing sounds.

"Really guys you are all so immature" Was the last thing I hear Niall say before the doors closed and the elevator took me down to my floor. I felt like I was flying seriously my first kiss was with the most amazing guy ever Niall Horan, I felt like screaming but you all know I don't scream so yea. I got back to the out hotel room and saw Shan still in her outfit at the table reading through a magazine.

"Im back" I shouted as I walked into the same room as her.

"OMG Emma what is this" she asked seeming really excited holding the magazine up to my face,

"Shit" I said grabbing the magazine from her on the front was a picture of me and Niall in London earlier his arm around me, my hand over my face trying to hide from the cameras with the headlines: "Niall Horan and "Mystery Girl" out and about in London" Just as I looked up to Shan she got a text then started Squealing , I continues flipping through the pages for the story on us reading through it as Shan jumped on me

"You and Niall kissed and you didn't tell me"

"What how do you know"

"Duh my boyfriend is Niall's band mate and saw everything"

"OMG Your going out with Harry"

"Dont try and change the subject missy, and Yes I am he asked me today"

"OMG thats amazing Shan and Yes I did in the elevator" She started squealing as I kept reading. "Today Niall Horan from One Direction was Spotted with a "Mystery Girl" whom he says is his friend yet we have never seen her before, plus the way he protected her since she was not use to the scene of flashing lights and screaming girls was like no other, Like always we have done out research and "Mystery Girl" turns out to be Emma Pearse, Australian Baseballer playing in the England vs Australia match". I stared at the magazine wide eyed

"Shan if my mum sees this im gone, im dead actually im sure she could find something worse I dont even know if thats possible"

"Emma calm down, just sleep on it and start tomorrow fresh, oh did you hear Reece benched us cause we missed the meeting"

"Yea, Zak told me now Im gonna get some sleep hopefully tomorrow has a better ending"

"Night Babe" I yelled walking into my room,

"Night, and remember tomorrow we start fresh and we have a lunch game so we kind of get a sleep in"

"WOO" I yelled as we both laughed. I changed into this: I wasn't bothered to look through my bag for pj's so i chucked this on stuck in my head phones and went to bed, fallin asleep almost straight away.

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