Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


7. Everyone's Happy?

Shannon walked out to check on me since she saw the door open and the likes on.

"Oh uh Well Emma, I came to see if you where ok but it seems your in good hands literally" Niall and I jumped apart as soon as we heard her, standing awkwardly in the corridor

"Well im going back to bed" Shan said winking at me.

"Shan what the... Oh don't worry so when you wanna meet tomorrow?" I asked turning to him looking into his adorable blue eyes.

"Uh lets say 10am in the lobby is that ok?"

"Sure see you then" I said getting on my tip toes to kiss him on the cheek, then turning to enter my room waving goodbye and closing the door slowly before me.


As I walked back to my bedroom and layed out flat on my bed Shannon came running in jumping on my bed,

"Sooooo?" "So what" I said pretending to act confused,

"Don't do this to me now its like 11 at night just tell me, What was he doing here?, and what happened between you two? huh" she said nudging me

"Long Story ill tell you everything tomorrow would you hate me if I cancelled our sightseeing trip tomorrow and save it for our next free day?" I said looking at the bed

"If it involves Niall then no if it doesn't involve him then probably" she said winking at me

"Stop with the winking and yes it does involve Niall where going out to check out London"

"OMG My little girl is growing up" is all she could say before i hit her with the pilliow in my hand,

"So do you know what your gonna wear?"

"No Ill put something together tomorrow im to tired to think now get off my bed and get into yours" I said pushing her off the end, after that all I heard was a thump as she jumped up to her feet

"Im Back" she yelled before skippin out of the room. From being out like a light to having so much energy Ladies and Gents Shannon.


*Niall's POV* (just after saying goodbye to Emma)


Once I said goodbye to Emma I made my way to the elevator. A Million different emotions took over, and A Million different thoughts rushed through my head at the same time it was crazy Ive never felt this way about anyone, Im hardly ever speechless, It's so weird. I made my way back to our hotel room and when I got up there I was attacked by all the guys with pillows. "

So Nialler how did it go?" Louis asked walking up to me

"Well I forgot what i was gonna say at first, then she said she does that as well and we laughed for a bit, after that she asked me if I could show her around London tomorrow and then we hugged she kissed me on the cheek and went back to bed" His face grew a cheeky grin as ran into the main room where the rest of the lads where Screaming

"Oh Boys, Little Niallers got a date tomorrow" I walked in behind Louis as I hear Liam scream

"That a Boy Niall",

"but Niall, I thought we where gonna hang out tomorrow" Harry said pretending to pought, "Sorry lad, Hey why don't you see if you could take Shannon out on a tour of London she really wants to go but Emma and I are going out tomorrow instead so she should be free" I said reaching into my top and getting out a piece of paper

"Here call Emma and see if Shan is still awake" handing him the paper with Emma's number on it.


*Emma's POV*


Just as I was about to fall asleep My phone rang, Whoever it is better have a good reason, Actually it could be my Mum she sucks with time-change and probably doesn't know im tired as hell. I sat up and reached for it from the bedside table Caller ID : Unknown, I pressed the green answer button "Hello?"

"Emma, Hey its Harry, Niall said you two where goin out tomorrow and since I was gonna be by myself and so was Shannon, i was wondering if she wanted to take a tour of London since she seemed really excited earlier?" he sounded a bit nervous,

"Uh let me get her ok Harry one sec" I said then holding my phone to me chest as I ran into Shan's room jumping on her "Ow" she said looking up at me her eyes still half closed

"Wat the heck"

"Just thank me later ok" I said handing her the phone.

"Wha- Emma who is it?" She asked as she was placing it to her ear "Hello?" she asked confused and tired,

"Oh, Hey Shannon its Harry , Um did I wake you?"

"No you didn't Emma decided it would be funny to jump on, but its ok So um what why are you calling at uh 11:25 at night" she said laughing

"Oh I was wondering if you wanted a Tour of London I could take and show you some places since both ort friends ditched us"

"Oh cool that would be awesome meet you in the lobby at 10am is that ok?" she asked

"Yea cool see you then"

"Bye" she said and with that she hung up chucking my phone back at me.

"Still can't believe you jumped on me" she said pretending to be upset.

"Whatever night babe" I Said walking out to my room.


*Next Morning*


I Woke to my WMYB alarm as always at 8am and jumped straight into the shower for about 20 minutes trying to make sure the smell of playing 2 baseball games in one day was all gone and washing my hair trying to make sure everything was done perfectly, getting out and wrapping myself in a towel Shan was up picking outfits for her tour with Harry and she even picked out a cute outfit for me, after drying off but leaving my hair to do later I changed into this outfit: Just before I left Shan had finished showering and changed into this: Matching pants i know but we didn't buy them together it was just coincidence, no wait I can't lie we both loved them so we bought them together we thought it was cute haha.


I made my way down the elevator to the lobby picking a couch that was in an open area so Niall would be able to see me in the crowded lobby. I was now about 8:55 I was early so I have nothing to worry about, but ive been here for out 10 minutes and no sign of him I guess im just nervous since im just an ordinary girl and he is a big world known singer, plus this being my first well kind of date as well. I sat there for another 5 minutes waiting...

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