Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


2. Coincedence or Fate?

We got all our bags into a taxi and made our way to the airport this was going to be the biggest and best trip ever. It took us about 20-30 minutes to arrive at the airport. We got out of the taxi and paid the driver while piling our bags onto one of those airport trolleys since we had about 7-8 bags which we weren't bothered to carry them. We made our way inside where we found the team sitting there as our coach and team manager made there way over to us. "Emma, Shannon what happened to you two you are late" Reece our coach said sounding nearly angry. "What are you talking about where on time, it's only.." I said looking down at my watch "6:21am oh so sorry we are a minute lat we still have 9 minutes to board now lets go" I finished, turning to head to the check-in counter. We put our bags up got our tickets and the next thing I knew, T was sitting next to Shannon and Zak on a plane to London. *around 22 hours later* After an extremely long, tiring and loud plane ride I was awoken by Zak shaking me and Shannon squealing in my ear. It was really weird since the time change it was only 7:30pm the same day but back in Australia it was 4am tomorrow or the next day which ever way you wanna put it. Anyway once we all had collected our bags Reece had hired a van so that we didn't have to take like 10 taxi's to fit us all. we arrived at our hotel which was rumored to be the same hotel that one Direction where staying in at the same time I highly doubt that though since they all live in London but maybe there is a reason for having to stay in the same hotel or something but anyway since I slept a bit on the plane I decided to go for a walk, Zak wanted to explore a bit as well so we decided to go for a walk and kind of get lost in London. Zak was one of my best mates out of the team. About a year ago he told me he had feelings for me but I made it clear yet not harsh that I didn't feel the same way. Nothing has ever been awkward between us even since that happened I don't know if he still has feelings for me now or what because he hasn't said anything but yea we still great friends. We walked for about 20 minutes talking and laughing and just mucking around we ended up finding ourselves standing in front of a Nando's where Zak practically ran inside. By the time I had gotten inside Zak had already ordered for both of us. When we finished and went to get up my legs were numb from sitting down for so long so Zak thought it would be funny to fling me over his shoulders, race outside and jump around like an idiot. "Don't you dare fart Zak or all hell will brake loose I swear" is all I could say before noticing 5 guys looking at us from a window side booth inside of Nando's laughing at us. There was one blonde haired boy that really caught my attention his smile was amazing. It didn't click right away to who these 5 boys were since I was busy trying to get Zak to put me down. After about 2 or 3 minutes of being bounced around Zak's shoulder, he placed me safely on the ground and by that time I noticed the guys from the window were making there way over to us still laughing about something. I noticed Zak turn around and stand up tall almost to seem a little tougher or something probably to protect me or something since he was older so it was probably just force of habit after all he has 2younger sisters and he is very protective. I gave him a re-assuring pat on the back as I took a step towards the boys. "Uh, Hi look I don't mean to sound rude or anything but could we help you with anything?" I asked smiling at them. "Oh well we saw you guys from inside and thought you looked like some pretty cool and fun people so we thought we would introduce ourselves, I'm Liam" One of the light-brown haired boys said. "Oh My God, One direction Sorry I didn't recognize you before, to busy being flung around this ones shoulder" I said referring to Zak as he grew a huge cheeky grin. "Oh your a fan?" Louis asked as they took a step back. "Yea major but don't worry I don't scream, sorry" I said biting my lip looking to the ground "but I do, O.M.G It's One Direction, I have to fangirl I can't help myself" Zak said in a high pitched girls voiced. "Please Zak control yourself" I said laughing. "OMG I think I'm gonna cry" Zak said fanning himself with his hands while pretending to wipe a tear from his eyes as all the boys started laughing. "anyway we rather fans that don't scream and cry it makes us fell some what normal" Niall said staring at me. "Well I'm Emma and this is Zak", "Are you too umm.. you know dat.." Niall asked before he was interrupted by Zak putting his arms around me from behind "Yes, yes we ar.." "No we aren't" I said interrupting Zak while pushing him off of me. "Well it's kind of late do you guys need a lift home" Liam asked politely. "Yea since we did walk here our hotel is about 20 minutes from here well on foot anyway" Zak answered. "Oh you mean the one down the road next to the diner and across the road from the park" Zayn asked. "Yea that's the one" I said sounding surprised. "Even better that's were we are staying as well" Harry said. "Cool lets go then, You know the others are probably worried and Reece is gonna kill us" I said turning to Zak. "Probably but oh well" he said following Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry to there car. Niall hung back with me and starting to make small talk as he lead me to the car. "Nice Shorts" he said laughing "Thanks there my favorite" I said "Well both your looks and accent lead me to suspect your not from around here are you?" "Is it that obvious" I asked sarcastically. "Just a tad" he replied laughing. "Nah I'm from Australia" I said as we made our way to the car. Jumping in and heading back to the hotel.

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