Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


5. Can't Let Him In

"OMG OMG OMG So its true!! Shan shouted before I could even close the bathroom door behind us.

"Huh .. Wait what's true you lost me at O" I said confusion still setting in.

"What Louis told me its totally true i can see it .. Wait hasn't he told you yet OMG this is gold!" she said her smile reaching from one ear to the other.

"Wait when where you talkin to Louis and what where did he tell you?" I asked looking at her not really sure whether to be worried about what he said or just plain confused,

"Oh just before we left there was an awkward silence so I asked how is girlfriend Eleanor was going and and we just started talkin from that and i forgot how we got onto the subject but somehow we started talkin about you and ... umm" she went silent after that

"Shan speak, me and ummm, who is umm"

"Well you and Niall he was talking about how after you left the elevator last night Niall was all quiet so Louis asked him what was wrong and all Niall could talk about last night was well ... You!" She said looking back up at me.

"What no seriously tell me your joking please" I said worried now more then anything I lent back against the wall and started sliding down it til I was on the floor with my head in my lap

"Emma look I know its not really your thing but you can't hide in here especially since we are all staying in the same hotel you want me to tell him your not interested" She said trying to give me a reassuring smile, I looked up at her kneeling down next to me,

"Shan thats not the problem this time, I actually like him back that's whats worrying me"

"OMG Thats amazing Emma, Oh my little girl has feelings after all"

"No thats terrible"

"Emma look I know dating is not really your thing but I think that your problem is just letting people in and that your kind of afraid of the way it will end but you can't hide away and hope it never happens cause its not just affecting you it also hurts others like me having to watch you upset and knowing I can't do anything about it because you won't let me. Im not just here because of baseball im here because im your friend and if you fall you need to know ill always be here to catch you and help you get back on your feet, I know how cheesy that sounds but its true and it works especially since your so un-coordinated" she said laughing at her own joke, Shes so weird but in a way she is my weirdo and i don't like to share. I looked up at her laughing.

"So you trust me?" "Always have" I said as she pulled me up and into a tight hug. Gotta love having friends like her. We made sure we didn't look weird after that D'n'M and the hug before going back to the table next to Niall as Shan sat next to me. I looked over at her smiling then turning back to the rest of the guys. Zak looked over at me and mouth 'Are you ok?' he said his face looking concerned, I just mouthed back 'Im fine, thank you' He was like a big brother always knew when something was up and extremely caring I loved him for that but like a brother nothing more. After a while it felt like everything was back to normal and everyone was laughing and talking again. After about 2 hours it was around 5:30pm and me and Shan where the last of the team there because the rest had left to get ready for our second game which was starting in an hour, ive be cutting it really close lately normally im first to every game!.

"Anyway guys we have to go we have a game in hour. Come on Shan we better start heading back" I said standing up while pulling Shan behind me.

"Another game?" "Yea but it just means we have a free to tomorrow" I said turning to Shan with a cheeky smile

"You know what that means right?" I asked Shan "

SIGHTSEEING" She said shouting We started laughing then realising the rest of the guys where.

"You guy aren't shy at all are you?" Harry asked laughing

"Well we dont know anybody here so whats there to be shy about" Shan said.

"Thats the spirit" Louis said jumping up making us all laugh.

"Well you know us" "True, we do know 5 hot famous guys, um Shan do you think that will stop us acting like weirdos" I said looking at Niall then turning to Shan,

"Uh .. Don't think so" She said smiling at me as we laughed

"Oh god Shan we really have to go" "So True ok sorry guys cya around?" she asked turning to them "Uh not sure actually" Niall said turning to the boys we where also unsure

"Ok Well Here ill give you my number and if your not busy after lets say 9:30pm i can assure you me and Shan will probably be hungry we could got out somewhere ok" I said handing Niall a piece of paper with my number on it.

"Ok well see you guys around probably" Niall said before Shan and I left Nando's heading back to the Hotel. As we left Shan had another huge smile on her face and she was about to burst with happiness but im not sure what for ...

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