Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


12. A First Time For Everything!

Mum: "Look, Honey Im fine with you dating I just don't want you throwing away what you have worked so hard for, So I want you to keep baseball as number 1 and remember your studies need to be done, but Im sure your dad would have loved to see his daughter happy and if he makes you happy then fine go for it, but one call from Reece about you not focusing on baseball and your on the first flight back, Do I make myself clear?" WTF, She must have been in the best mood ever I can't believe she just said yes to me dating, Like I nearly died I was so surprised. Me: "OMG, Your serious right?, Yes I promise to focus on baseball and my studies, Wow Mum Thank you Love You." Mum: "Have fun, and make sure you tell him he better watch out for my little girl ok? Now gotta go its pretty late here, night hun" Me: "I will and Thank again mum, Night" and With that she hung up, I seriously thought I was dreaming well until Niall walked up behind me tapping me on the shoulders scaring the living Christ out of me.

"Shit Niall, you've scared the crap at of me twice in one day, seriously"

"Sorry, so whats happening are you ok?" Niall asked laughing,

"Oh that was my mum, obviously, anyway she said its ok if I go out with you as long as I focus on Baseball and my studies as well, but its a yes" just as I finished my sentence his face lit up like a Christmas tree on Christmas eve, it was adorable.

"Oh she also said and I quote "He better watch out for my Little Girl" haha but yea"

"Don't worry ill take very good care of you" he said leaning down to me pressing his soft lips against mine.


After about 30 minutes of standing in the corridor we finally got to Niall's room where he walked in and after a second I heard all the boys cheering and yelling his name it was so funny, then I took a deep breath and walked in stepping out from behind him as the room went quiet I saw all there faces looking from me to Niall back to me, I decided to break the silence well actually i didnt choose to I just remembered something,

"Oh Niall after what happened in the corridor I forgot to get my guitar ill be back in a second, Hey Guys" I said waving before backing out of the room walking over to where I left my guitar and walking back to the room where I heard all the boys talkin, as I walked in they stopped what they where talkin about got up and ran over to me squishing me into a hug, "Emma" they all said at once, I looked over at Niall who had gotten up off the couch and started walkin over to me he looked as confused as i was, I mouthed "Did you tell them?" but he just replied by shaking his head and mouthing, "No".


After the strange group hug Niall came over to my hand as he intertwined his fingers through mine he lead me over to the couch. I sat down next to him with my guitar in hand. Louis was first to break the silence

"So what did you mean before by "what happened in the corridor", hmm" Louis said raising eyebrows throughout the room.

"Oh um" I said turning to Niall as he smiled and nodded, I knew exactly what he meant, "Well Niall asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes" after that the whole room went crazy the boys where cheering as Harry stood up

"We should all go out with our girls tonight, Celebrate you know" he said smiling,

"Wait what do you mean our girls Harry your single" Liam said confused.

"You haven't told them yet?" I looked over at Harry as he turned to me,

"she told you she she said wouldn't" he said looking a bit upset,

"Your going out with her and you didn't know she had a big mouth" I said laughing as Harry joined,

"Good point",

"Wait is there something where missing" Louis asked as all the boys including Niall nodded.

"Yea you guys are really behind in relationship gossip shame on you" I said smiling while brushing my right index finger over my left index finger.

"Yea, I asked Shannon out yesterday On our tour of London", again the room was filled with smiles, laughter and cheering for Harry's new relationship status.


"Well, about your dinner plans Harry, Im pretty sure El is free since she was asking if I was free for tonight, So I'm in" Louis said smiling,

"Dani and I were gonna go out for a private dinner but I don't think she will mind if we change plans, especially if it involves meeting our newest 1D members" Liam said laughing,

"What about you Zayn is Perrie free, I would love to meet her I am quite a fan of Little Mix" I asked smiling,

"Im not sure but I can give her a call"

"Cool, well me and Shan have a game at noon and an early game tomorrow so we need to be back by midnight maybe earlier, but as long as I run it by coach we should be alright to go"

"Wait I thought you where benched do you still have to go" Niall asked jokingly pouting

"Yea in case any injury or something we might get put in but I doubt that" I replied looking to the ground i was still pissed he benched us but I saw it coming,

"Wait why where you guys benched" Harry asked,

"What she didn't tell you we missed our club meeting last night cause Shan was out with you and I was out with Niall." "Really thats all, thats ridiculous" Louis said sounding quite angry,

"Nah, its our fault we sign a document before we come here allowing us to do whatever we want outside of baseball plans as long as we attend, like everything planned by our manager, meaning meetings, games, trainings, outings so yea we new it was coming its our fault"


After chatting for a while i realised it was nearing 9am and I had to be at the field at 10 and since I was already in trouble I didn't want to be late. "Well I better go wake up Shan and get ready for the game gotta be there at 10 for training."

"Do you have to go" Niall asked pretending to be upset

"Yes Im already in trouble because of you and I don't want to be late for and get into more trouble"

"Ok, Call you later and we can discuss dinner plans for the group."

"Cool, ok guys cya later hopefully" I said smiling and waving at everyone as Niall stood up and gave me a kiss good bye, "come on guys get a room" Harry said smiling cheekily throwing a pillow at us. I think he keeps forgetting I play baseball, as I caught the pillow covering up our faces as we ended the kiss. I held the pillow down as all the boys were laughing at Harry's failed attempt to ruin our kiss.

"Harry I think you keep forgetting my girlfriend is a baseball player" Niall said laughing and winking at me,

"Actually to be more specific a catcher meaning force of habit to catch things that come flying towards me" I said as all the boys laughed including Harry,

"Well guys I really have to go, cya" I said waving grabbing my guitar and heading to the door,

"Bye Emma" The boys screamed as I was about to close the door,

"Good luck and tell Shan I said Hi... and Good Luck... and That I love Her" Harry screamed just befor eI shut the door.

"Haha thanks and Sure will Harry" I said before closing the door. Smiling like crazy, I have amazing Friends, and amazing Life, an amazing Mum, and the most amazing Boyfriend, What more could a girl ask for.

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