Say it like you mean it

5 Girls are lucky enough to bump into 5 famous guys and decid to become 'more than friends' with the guys. Will it come to a drastic end when the girls start fighting and arguing every time they are with each other for more than 1 minute? What will it do to the boys? Will it wreck their friendship and the band? Or will they be able to keep strong and stay together?


4. Sophie

I have 1 older sister, and my parents are divorced. I live with my dad in Canberra, Australia at the moment. My BFF's are Chrissy, Fi Fi, Ali, and Steph. I'm a proud Aussie, I have a boyfriend called Daniel and we have been together for 2 years!
Colour: Blue and Red
Food: Hot Dogs
Song: Our Song by Taylor Swift
Singers/Bands: Taylor Swift, One Direction, The Script
Sport: Soccer
School Subjects: Science and English

About Me: I'm crazy but calm, my friends describe my personality with strange, weird, funny, serious if I need to be and strict if I need to be. My friends say that I'm the one to go to for advice with anything anytime! :)
Bye loves! <3
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