Say it like you mean it

5 Girls are lucky enough to bump into 5 famous guys and decid to become 'more than friends' with the guys. Will it come to a drastic end when the girls start fighting and arguing every time they are with each other for more than 1 minute? What will it do to the boys? Will it wreck their friendship and the band? Or will they be able to keep strong and stay together?


9. Chapter 4

*Harry’s POV*

“Guys I met this amazing girl today!” I yelled as I walked in the door, all the boys were sitting on the couch watching TV. “HELLO?” I yelled at the top of my lungs. “Oh Hi Harry, when did you get here? Zayn Asked. “Pumpkin!!!!!” Louis screamed across the room loud enough for the neighbours to hear and came running across the room giving me a massive hug. “Hahaha hey Boobear! Zayn I only just got here.” I said Cheerfully. “Oh ok then be that way.” Liam said, “SORRY LIAM AND NIALL! HEYYYOOOOO!” I screamed while laughing my head off. “Any way guys, I met someone today. They are super nice and cute, I really like her!! What should I do?” I asked.

*LO= Louis, LI=Liam, N=Niall, H=Harry, Z=Zayn*

N: Did u get her number?!

H: Yeah, but I don’t wanna call now and seem desperate.

LO: There is nothing wrong with calling her! I mean if it was me I would.

LI: I hate to say it but I agree with Louis, you should call her!

Z: All you need to do is say ‘Hey do you want to meet up for a coffee tomorrow?

H: Yeah true, ok I will go call her, Thanks Guys!

I went up to my room to Call Fiona.

-Phone Conversation- *F=Fiona, H=Harry*

F: Hello?

H: Hey Fiona

F: Harry? Hey

H: Yeah its harry!

F: Ok so how have you been?

H: I’ve been good. What about you?

F: I’ve been good.

H: Cool, the reason I called was that I was wondering if you would like to have coffee with me tomorrow?

F: Sure I would love to!

H: Awesome, where do you want to meet?

F: Umm… How about at Coffee Guru at The Gungahlin Marketplace?

H: Ok, I will find it, what time?

F: How about 12:30pm tomorrow so we can have lunch too, and if you like I can give you a Tour of Canberra.

H: That would be Awesome!

F: Ok, I have to go, so I will see you tomorrow!

H: Ok, Bye Love.

-End of conversation-

*Fiona’s POV*

OMG Harry Styles just asked me if I wanted to go and have coffee with him tomorrow & show him around! What will I wear? Where am I going to take him? How am I going to get this passed the girls? Oh Crap! I’m meant to be meeting with them tomorrow! I will text Ali and tell her I can’t make it tomorrow.

-Text Conversation-

F: Hey Ali I can’t com 2morow, soz

A: Hey, aw y not? We will mis u!

F: I’m meetin up with som1 & showin them arnd

A: ooooo Is that som1 a guy?

F: Maybe! ;)

A: k well have FUN, gtg bye

F: I will try to! :P  cya Ali

A: Bye xx

F: xx <3

-End of text conversation-

*Chrissy’s POV*

-Text Conversation- *Jacob=J Chrissy=C*

J: Hey, can u meet me @ Yerrabi Pond @ 1:30pm today?

C: Yeah sure…

J: Cool, meet me @ da lunch area thn

C: Ok c u thr bye

J: Bye

-End of convo-

-At the Pond-

I was walking up to the lunch area where my ex told me to meet him and when I got there I saw the one thing that I never wanted to see in my life, my ex Jacob and the school slut Holly full on Making out. I didn’t realise I was crying until I felt a cold tear run down my cheek and then when they broke apart and Jacob saw me he just said “I’m so so so so so sorry, will you take me back?”

C: WHY THE FUCK WOULD I TAKE YOU BACK WHEN YOU HAVE JUST MADE OUT WITH THE SCHOOL SLUT?! You hurt me once already and I’m not letting you do it again. GOODBYE JACOB! Don’t even bother taking to me every again!

J: She isn’t the school Slut

C: If she isn’t then who in your mind is?

J: You are

C: How? What have I done? You were my first boyfriend!

J: Everything! It doesn’t matter if I was your first boyfriend or not!

C: FUCK YOU! Leave and take your slut of a girlfriend with you!

J: Fine, I don’t care about you anymore.

C: I wouldn’t want a Jerk like you to care about me! Goodbye Jacob

J: Goodbye Chrissy.

I couldn’t believe he just asked me to take him back! Even if we were the last two people on earth I would rather die than be with him again! There is no chance on this planet that I will ever take him back, Not after what he has done to me.

Now I’m going to continue on with my day and not let this ruin it!

*Fiona’s POV*

Finally its 12:00pm I can start to head off to meet Harry. I’m wearing [Polyvore], it’s about a half hour walk, and Harry told me that he would bring his car to go around in. Finally I’m here!

H: Hey Fiona

F: Hey Harry!

H: How are you?

F: Good, what about you?

H: Good thanks! So do you wanna get lunch then you can show me around?

F: Yeah sure let’s go!

-After Lunch-

F: Ok so now that we have eaten where do you want to go?

H: Umm What are some of the attractions of Canberra?

F: Well there is The Zoo and Aquarium, Cockington Green, The War Memorial, Questacon, and The Museum.

H: Ok so how about we go 1)War Memorial, 2)The Museum, 3)Questacon and  4) The Zoo and Aquarium?

F: Sounds Great! Let’s get going!

-After everything-

H: Ok now I’m tired!

F: Yeah me too! It’s like dinner time!

H: Do you want to eat together?

F: Sure.

H: So is that a yes?

F: No, I’ll just go and sit in an alley way and eat there!

H: Hahaha ok! Where should we go?

F: How about Firestone?

H: No clue, but sure!

-After Dinner-

H: I’ve Had a great Time

F: I have too, we should do it again sometime

H: Definitely, I like you…

F: You what???

H: I like you.,

F: I like you too

H: Will you be mine?

F: Of Course!

After that we went back to my apartment for some drinks the we fell asleep on the couch! I couldn’t believe the my first boyfriend is THE Harry Styles from One Direction! SHIT! How am I gonna keep this from the girls! How will I tell them!


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