Say it like you mean it

5 Girls are lucky enough to bump into 5 famous guys and decid to become 'more than friends' with the guys. Will it come to a drastic end when the girls start fighting and arguing every time they are with each other for more than 1 minute? What will it do to the boys? Will it wreck their friendship and the band? Or will they be able to keep strong and stay together?


8. Chapter 3

Chapter 3
*Stephs house* Niall's POV
I've just gotten to Stephanie's apartment, I hope she is ok! I knocked on the door and I can hear footsteps coming towards the door. She opened the door with a tear stained face. She let me in and so we began the conversation.
-The Conversation- S=Stephanie N=Niall
S: Hey Niall, how are you?
N: Hey, im not bad what about you?
S: I've been better, thanks for coming over.
N: Do you want to talk about it? Its no problem coming over!
S: Yeah sure. Where do you want me to start?
N: Probably the beginning, but if you don't want to put it into detail. It's fine to just tell me the basics.
S: Ok, well we have known each other since Kindergarten but we were never friends. We started to become friends in year 5, and I went to a basketball competition with him and some of my friends. We were playing truth or dare when I got asked if there was one guy in our grade that I would date who would it be and I said him. He then pulled me aside and asked me to be his girlfriend.
N: Ok so thats how it started. Anything else I should know?
S: Yes, that was only the beginning. We only dated for a day then one of my friends got pissed at us so we called it off, he then dated her while I just sat back and watched them together. We dated again in year 6 but it got complicated so he dumped me.
N: She wasn't a real friend for doing that in front of you Steph. You deserve better.
S: Thanks, but we had known each other since I was in Kindergarten and made a promise to stay by each other no matter what, so do ya want to hear more?
N: Oh, I didn't realise. Ok but you don't have to.
S: It's ok. So, we were best friends after that and then last year he asked me to give him another chance, so I did and he ended up dumping me through a text.
N: I'm so so so sorry Steph!
S: Why are you sorry? You didn't know me a week ago so you couldn't have helped, you did nothing wrong!
N: But I wish I did know you a week ago! But im going to help you through it, I wont leave you alone to deal with this.
S: Thanks Niall! I'm really glad I met you!
-The Next Day at Sophie's House- *Fiona's POV*
"Sophie" why don't you have ANY food here?” I asked, “I haven't had time to go shopping. Would you like to do it for me?” She said. “Sure, give me a list.” I said.
Shopping List:
Yummy snacks
Ice Cream
Peanut Butter
White and Milk Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Frozen Meals x5
Impulse City Collection Deodorant
Lip Balm
Permanent Markers
Sticky tape
Shampoo and Conditioner
Body Wash
Tanning Lotion/Moisturiser
Paper-White, Blue, Green, Red
Dolly magazine
Writing books x4 Size: A4
“Do you have enough there?” I asked while looking through her shopping list. “Yeah I only have what I need.” She said, 'sure sure' I was thinking in my head. “Im going, be back soon.” I yelled to them. I got into my car and headed off to the nearest Coles or Woolworths, I finally found a Coles. I was finding her deodorant when someone ran into me and tripped me over and tipped my basket. I frowned and I looked up to see a curly headed stranger on top of me squashing me. “Hi love please don't scream.” he said to me, I thought I recognised his voice but I had no clue where from. “Why would I scream? I can't even see who you are.” I said “Oh sorry love. I'm Harry, Harry Styles and you are?” he asked, I replies “ G day Harry! I'm Fiona but you can call me Fi Fi or Fi. But please get off me!” I said “Ok, Fi Fi it is then! Oh sure love why not! Haha” He laughed. “Thanks harry.” I laughed. “Do you mind if we swap numbers so that we can meet up again?” He asked. “Sure here is mine.” I said while I handed him a piece of paper with my name and number written on it. “Thanks, see you around Fi Fi.” He said using my nickname. “Yeah definitely! Cya Harry” I said, I was NOT going to tell the girls about this yet! I don't want them to stuff things up with Harry and I.
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