Say it like you mean it

5 Girls are lucky enough to bump into 5 famous guys and decid to become 'more than friends' with the guys. Will it come to a drastic end when the girls start fighting and arguing every time they are with each other for more than 1 minute? What will it do to the boys? Will it wreck their friendship and the band? Or will they be able to keep strong and stay together?


7. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

*Car Trip Home* Sophie's POV
We got into the car in silence, so I decided to start the conversation
*Conversation between Sophie and Stephanie.*
Soph: Who was that guy you were talking to in there? I thought I recognised him but i don't know how.
Steph: N-n-Niall H-h-Horan, from O-one D-Direction.
Soph: OMG! Are you serious, why didnt you introduce me? Did you get his number? We should ask if we can meet up with him and the other boys!
Steph: Yes, I'm serious, I didnt introduce you because i didnt think if it. Yes i did and i'm not sure about that. Anyway who were you talking to?
Soph: We Should! Dont deny that you want to meet the rest of the boys!
Steph: I didnt deny anything! But you didnt answer my question.
Soph: Sure sure, oh right what was it?
Steph: Who. Were. You. Talking. To?
Soph: Oh right, i forgot to tell you! It was Niall's Band Mate Louis.
Steph: THE LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON? Did you get his number?
Soph: Yes the Louis William Tomlinson. And yes i did. It will be nice to have some friends that are guys.
Steph: Yeah! They can help us with boy trouble. And maybe Fiona will like one of them and they will date eachother!
Soph: YES! I hope they do! It would be so cute!
Steph: I KNOW!!!
*Back home after Dinner* Steph's POV
While we were watching the movie Tower Heist my phone started vibrating telling me that i had a new message. I saw that the message was from my boyfriend, Riley so i opened it.
*Start of Conversation between Riley and Stephanie*
R: We Need to talk
S: Ok do u want me 2 call u?
R: No its better like this
S: Ok so what do we need to talk about?
R: Us
S: What about us?
R: I'm dumping u
S: Why? What have i done wrong?
R: Because i never loved u, u r 2 ugly 4 me
S: Is this some sick joke
S: is there someone else?
R: Yes and she is a lot hotter than you could ever be
S: I cant believe that after 1 fucking year you decide to tell me now! And through a text! You could have at least had enough fucking balls to tell me in person or at least over the phone! You are a jerk and i never want to see you again!
R: Fine then Good BYE! :) Im glad u will be out of my life forever!
*End of conversation*
I threw my phone against the wall and ran up stairs with tears streaming down my face. A few minutes later a worried looking Alison came into my room wanting to know what happened, while the other girls were down stairs reading the messages between Riley and i. I told Ali everything and at the end she said “He was a jerk! We had a bad feeling about him.” It was true no-body liked him and they always said 'dont let him break your heart' to me whenever we got into a fight. That night i cried myself to sleep, telling myself that i was ugly and that no-body would ever love me because i'm not hot enough for anyone. At about 2am i still couldnt sleep so i decided to go downstairs and get a glass of milk, and then have a shower. After my shower i fell asleep straight away and didnt wake up until 10am which was really late for me!
*11am that day* Fiona's POV
“Guys does anyone want to come to the mall with me?” I asked and all of them said “NO” “Ok then i will just go alone. See you guys in a few hours, maybe more.” I said as i walked out the door with my keys, phone and wallet.
*Later That Day At The Mall*
I was walking into JayJays, but i was knocked over by someone. The man that knocked me over helped me up and offered to buy me a coffee, so i gladly accepted. We got on really well, his name is Charlie, we had a lot of things in common with each other. I'm hoping that i might have found the right guy for me, we exchanged numbers and he said that he would call sometime. I think u have a chance with him! I cant wait for him to call me!
*At Chrissy's House That afternoon* Sophie's POV
We were watching TV when my phone started going off, i checked it and it's a text from Louis!
*Sophie and Louis text conversation* S=Sophie L=Louis
L: Hey hru?
S: Hey im good wbu?
L: Good :)
S: What have you been up to lately?
L: Mostly thinking
S: What about?
L: You, Me, Us
S: What do you mean?
L: I mean i want to get to know you better, do you wanna hang out?
S: Ok, When?
L: How about tonight, 7pm we go to dinner as friends?
S: ok, but we are ONLY friends.
L: Thats y i said friends
S: I noticed :)
L: So I will c u tonight?
S: Yes, Where?
L: Im not sure, you choose
S: Ok, pick me up at my apartment: 27 Hillwood Avenue (Address isnt real) Then i will give you directions to the restaurant.
L: Ok, c u at 7
S: Ok bye
L: Bye xo
*End of Conversation*
Crap... It's 6 I only have 1 hr to get ready! Where am i gonna take him? I know! “Zeffirelli! (Zef-er-ell-e)” I said out loud, the other girls just gave me a 'wtf' look, “I will explain tomorrow, I have to go. See ya later Girlies!” I said and left heading back to my apartment.
*7pm at Steph's apartment* Stephs POV
Just as I got out of the shower my phone started going off, meaning I had a new text, I checked the I.D and Niall's name came up.
*Text Conversation* S=Steph N=Niall
N: Hey hru?
S: Ok wbu?
N: Im good, y only ok?
S: My Boyfriend dumped me last night through a text, but i dont really want to talk about it. I just need someone with me, to tell me it will be ok.
N: Aww I'm so sorry :( are you home alone?
S: Thanks Niall, yeah all the girls are at Chrissy's house and Sophie ran back 2 her place earlier.
N: Ok. If you need me to come over i can
S: ummm i dont want to put you out by getting you to come over here
N: Dont worry about it i dont have anything on tomorrow so i can
S: ok that would be nice actually only if you dont mind
N: Of course i dont mind! Whats your address?
S: 27 Hillwood Avenue, Apartment 324, I will let the concierge know that you are coming up here.
N: Ok i will be there in about 10min
S: Ok Thanks again Niall!
N: It's alright, c u soon bye
S: ok bye.
*End of conversation*

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