Say it like you mean it

5 Girls are lucky enough to bump into 5 famous guys and decid to become 'more than friends' with the guys. Will it come to a drastic end when the girls start fighting and arguing every time they are with each other for more than 1 minute? What will it do to the boys? Will it wreck their friendship and the band? Or will they be able to keep strong and stay together?


2. Alison

Hi I'm Alison! But you can call me Ali. I have 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister! My older brothers Jason and Mark are very protective of me and my little sister Melissa. My BFF's are Christine, Fiona, Stephanie and Sophie. I come from Canberra, Australia... Yes I'm an Aussie I have the accent too! I have a recently gotten put of a relationship with my ex-boyfriend Ben, but who needs them!
Colour: Red
Food: Lasange
Song: payphone by Maroon 5
Singer/band: One direction, Maroon 5, jessie J and Justin Bieber
Sport: Dancing (Ballet)
School subject: Maths and Drama

A bit about me: I'm bubbly and happy! I like my friends to smile and I don't like getting into fights with my friends. I'm not good at saying goodbye to anyone, so I always try not to because I hope that I will see them again.
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