We've Got a Bit of Love Hate

This is about a girl who falls in love with somebody that she thinks she'd never like. <3

inspired by,
"I Can Change You" by Emily

Updated every Thursday xx (:


3. woʀk day

I wanted to go back to that office and beg the man to change my bosses. I didn't want to work for a bunch of messed up boys. But I knew that if I did, he wouldn't give me any job and I needed this job really badly. 

It was now 12:00 and I started my job (which, after today, would never end) in 30 minutes so I walked out the door and started walking. It took me 20 minutes to actually get there. It wasn't as far as I thought though. When I walked in the same tall man was waiting for me,"Hello again! I'm here to escort you one more time before you start your exciting job" he said really enthusiastic. "Real exciting" I said, sarcastically, under my breath. "Oh, you'll have fun" apperently I didn't say it quiet enough because he heard me. 

We went out the door and to the boys' apartment, which was just a few blocks away. "Thanks again for trying to see the positive side Joe" that was his name I found out on our walk. "No problem Jordan. They'll love you" "Oh, trust me, I don't really care" we both laughed and then hugged goodbye. 

I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. To my surprise it opened the second after I rang. "Hello! You must be Jordan, our new assistant" a tall boy with brown straight, but short, hair and a thick British accent said. 'New?' I thought to myself 'How many have they already had?' "Yep! That's me!" I said putting my fakest smile on. "Well helloooooo gorgeous" a tall boy with dark black hair way up high on his head in a quiff and also a thick British accent said. He was standing behind the boy who opened the door. "Um... Hi?" I said kind of annoyed. "Hey! I'm Niall!" a shorter boy with blondish brownish hair and an Irish accent, I guessed, said. "Hello Niall" I said shaking his hand that he had held out for me. "Hello sweet cheeks" a tall boy with a lot of brown, straight, hair and another British accent said. "Um... Yeah... Hi" I kind of shook that one off. They were being really awkward. "Ew! Another girl?!" a really tall boy with crazy brown curls and another British accent said, quite rudely. "Yes. I'm pretty sure I'm a girl. Do you have a problem with that?" I said a little mean. "Yeah. I do" he replied. "Oh really? And, just what exactly do you expect to do about it?" I was interested in what he was going to say next. He was awfully rude compared to the others. "Well. Last time I checked. You work for me. So I could fire you" did he just say that? "Why don't you want a girl assistant?" I was really pissed off. "Because.... Because.... Erm....-" "Because he has the tendency to get naked" the boy, I knew as Niall, said. "That's not awkward or anything" I said sarcastically. "Whatever. Now will you just quit before I have to fire you?" he asked sternly. "No. You don't understand how much I need this job" "That's what all the other ones said. Why should I trust you?" "Because I have no family and I'm living in an apartment that I can barely pay for" "And why should I care?" he asked, now really testing my nerves. "You shouldn't! You're just a stuck up brat that always gets his way! Just like any other celebrity! You don't know how it is to watch your parents die in front of your eyes not being able to do anything about it! You shouldn't care at all!" it just slipped out. Then I ran out the door and walked to the closest bench and broke down crying. This wasn't the best first impression. 

excuse my French (; btw I lied, I will be posting almost every day (: ♡♡♡♡♡
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