We've Got a Bit of Love Hate

This is about a girl who falls in love with somebody that she thinks she'd never like. <3

inspired by,
"I Can Change You" by Emily

Updated every Thursday xx (:


7. тʀuтh oʀ daʀe❢

Jordan's P.O.V.

"TRUTH OR DARE!!!" Harry yelled. Oh fuck! What was he getting me into? "I'll go first!" Louis declared. "Hmm... Zayn! Truth or dare?" he had a menacing face on. "Erm..." you could tell Zayn was scared. "Dare? I guess" "YAY! I dare you to straighten your hair and leave it like that for the rest of the game" "What?! Not my perfect hair!!" "Well... We could make up some consequences" Lou said with the biggest smirk on his face. "Alright! Alright! I'll do it!" then he got up and went to straighten his hair. He came back after a few minutes, honestly, it didn't look to bad. "I can't believe I just did that" Zayn looked very horrified. I thought it was hilarious. "Your turn!" Liam said jumping up and down. Why was he so excited? "Alright! I pick you Liam." all of a sudden he stopped jumping. "Erm.... Dare" he looked scared. "Alright. Good. I dare you to lick a spoon" "What?! No way! I can't Zayn!" he was quite frightened. "Zayn, that's not fair... Pick something else" Harry said. "Oh I see! He gets to chicken but I can't?" we all just laughed, including Zayn. "Alright. I dare you to eat a sandwich" "That's easy enough!" Liam looked relieved. I was confused. "That's not all" now it makes sense. "Lou has to make it" that's a real dare. "Oh great!" "YAY! I get to make a sandwich!" Lou was really excited. He left the room and came back with a very odd sandwich. "Ham, cheese, egg salad, tomatoes, pickles, pepper, sweet and sour sauce, and fluff" 'yum' I thought sarcastically. "Ew! Great, I have to eat it" he took a bite and then chewed it all with a gross face on. We all died laughing. "Do I have to finish it?" "No" "I'll eat it!" Niall jumped up and grabbed it from Liam's hands. "Yum!" Ew. He was so odd. "You're disgusting." Liam cringed. Niall just shrugged his shoulders and finished the whole thing. Liam shook it off and said,"Alright. My turn" his face was full of revenge. "Lou? Tr-" "DARE!" wow. He was really enthusiastic. "Alright. I dare you to lick Harry" what? That's awkward. Harry just smiled at Lou and said,"Boobear!" I guess that was his nickname. "Where should I lick you?" he said winking. "EW! You two are groooss!" I screamed. "What? I was just asking him" Lou said as if he was innocent. I just rolled my eyes. "Lick my tummy Boobear" Harry said. They were very odd. "Very well Hazza" that was his nickname apparently. Then Lou lifted Harry's shirt up, damn was he ripped, and he licked his tummy. They were weird. Apparently Harry caught me staring so he winked at me. I blushed really bad. "Okay! My turn!" Lou interrupted my thoughts. "Truth or dare Jordan?" "Truth" way to be boring. Everyone groaned. "What? I'm not stupid. I saw what happened to Zayn, Liam, and Lou" they all looked at me understandingly. "Whatever. Loser. Ahaha! Alright. Who would you date out of us? And why?" oh crap. I looked around. They all were staring at me with straight faces, except Harry, he had the most confident smile on his face. "Erm... I guess... Erm... harry" I whispered. "What did you say hun?" he asked. He heard me, he was right next to me. "I said, Harry" I coughed so it wasn't noticeable. "Oh. For crying out loud. Tell us!" Liam yelled across the room. Someone was anxious. "HARRY! I said Harry" all of a sudden my cheeks went bright red. Everyone looked at me funny, except Harry again, he had a giant smile on his face once again. "What?" Liam said "But you guys always fight" "She hasn't said why yet Liam" Lou scolded. "Erm... Well... Liam and Lou have girlfriends so they're out of the story and then I don't like guys who straighten their hair, sorry Zayn." "But there's still me" Niall said smiling. "Yeh... But you're like a brother to me. Plus, you could never love me more than food" "Oh... That's very true. I do love food" we all died laughing. "Alright! My turn!" I looked straight at Niall. "Oh great" he said. "Truth or dare Nialler?" "Erm.... Truth" he was boring like me. "Do you really and truly love Liam the most? Even more than your food?" all of a sudden Niall looked over to Liam and Liam looked at Niall "I'm so sorry Liam. I've been cheating on you" he fake cried. "I knew it! Is it the Biebs again?" "No. It's.. It's.... Erm... The sandwich I ate" "Niall. You know it's dead now?" "Oh.... Good news! We're back together!" they hugged. Niam was real bitches. Omg I sound like a fan. 

Harry's P.O.V.

I still couldn't believe she said me when Lou asked her who she liked. I wanted to get up and do my happy dance but I just sat there and looked like an idiot with a giant smirk on my face. "My turn!" Niall said. "You're the last person Harry" he looked over at me. "I pick dare" I was ready for whatever he threw at me. All of a sudden Lou whispered something in Niall's ear, he nodded his head. "I dare you to kiss Jordan" "On the cheek?" I asked hopefully. "No way! Go for the lips my brotha!" Niall was an odd child. I looked over at Jordan who looked paralyzed. Then she snapped out of it and blushed hard. I walked over to her and sat down in between her and Zayn. I looked at her and she looked at me. I knew I've kissed her before, but that was different. Now I knew she liked me. This was going to be perfect. I leaned in closer and closed my eyes. I felt a surge of electricity run through me when our lips met. It was perfect. I kissed her long and soft until Zayn tapped my shoulder. I stopped and looked at him as if to say 'Way to ruin the moment' "We don't need a make-out  session in the middle of the living room" Jordan blushed horribly but i thought it was cute. I smiled at her and winked which seemed to make her blush more. I loved making her blush as much as I loved pissing her off. Then I got up and went back to my spot right across from her. 

Jordan's P.O.V.

The kiss was amazing. His lips were so soft and perfect. Is it awkward that I'm talking about his lips? Whatever. I looked up at the time. "Fuck" oops did I say that out loud? "Woah motor boat. Calm down. What's wrong?" Harry knew I swore to much. "I have to get home" "How come" he pouted. "Because. It's 10 and I need to get some sleep." "Stay here with me" he smiled. Everyone was already in bed at this point. They had been since Zayn joked about the 'make-out session'. "Well... I guess it wouldn't hurt" "Nope. Plus it's cold so you'll need my warmth to keep you from freezing" "I'm so glad we're not fighting anymore" "Me too, love" then he reached his hand out and I put mine in it. "Shall we go to my room now?" he asked just like earlier. "We shall" and with that he pulled me down the hall to the last door. He pulled me onto the bed and then went into his bathroom. When he came out he was only in his boxers. I couldn't help but stare. I think he noticed because he winked and then said,"It's easier to keep you warm if I have less clothes on" I just giggled and said,"Well you better get your butt over here because I'm freezing." with that, he ran from his position and jumped into the bed, literally. "I'm here to keep you warm!" I laughed again and scooted towards his half-naked body. He was awfully warm. That was good though. He smelt good. "Thanks" did I say that out loud? "Yes, yes you did" "Wait, what? I'm confused" "Hun. You really need to stop talking to yourself so much. Now you can't even tell if you're thinking or saying" he chuckled. "Oh whatever" I blushed. "Bye the way, you smell good to" he winked. Our faces were inches apart. He quickly made that gap into one or two millimeters. Then whispered,"You are the most gorgeous, hilarious, amazing, and short tempered girl I've ever met. I really like you Jordan" before I could say anything he closed the gap and kissed me longer than ever. It was perfect. I liked him too. I couldn't help but smile while we were kissing. Was I really kissing the guy that was, at first, my 'sworn enemy'? Then he pulled away but was, again, one or two millimeters away. "No matter how much I yell at you, it's all because I love you" did he just say that? He said the 'L word'. I smiled wide and replied,"But I love you more" he gave me a smirk and added,"Oh really?" "Mhmm" "Well than you're a good liar cause, last time I checked, I let you keep your job" and the he winked at me. "Whatever. I still love you lots" "And I love you lots more" with that, he pulled me to his chest and wrapped his arms around me. I fell asleep right away. It felt so perfect, laying with him. I really did love him. 

alright, that was long. how do you guys like it? please tell me. feedback is needed if you want another chapter xx ♡♡♡♡♡
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