We've Got a Bit of Love Hate

This is about a girl who falls in love with somebody that she thinks she'd never like. <3

inspired by,
"I Can Change You" by Emily

Updated every Thursday xx (:


2. uɴexpecтed job❢

"Time for your interview" I whispered to myself in the mirror that was in the bathroom of the big building I was in. I was about to be interviewed by someone so that I could work with a band or singer. I've always wanted to work with music but I'm to scared to sing so I mine as well be around it at least, right? I walked out of the bathroom and heard a man say,"Jordan Camerato?" "That's me!" I said waving to the tall man. "Right this way please" he said opening the door and gesturing his hand past it. The hallway was very long with many doors. I wasn't sure which door I was going through though. 

We walked all the way to the end and the man turned to the door on the right. The number was 19,'Yes my lucky number' I thought in my head. "Here we are" he said as I stepped in the room. "Thank you" I said politely as he was about to leave the room,'Good luck' he mouthed to me. I was confused, and a bit scared. "You must be Jordan" the man stated. I just nodded my head. "Take a seat" he added while gesturing to the seat in front of him. "So, I'm going to ask you a few questions to see how your personality is and then send you on your merry way" I just nodded my head again. He asked odd questions like "What's your favorite color?" and "How old are you?" they were very different but I answered every single one. "Very well. That shall be it" he gestured to the door. I was confused. Did I get the job? "I will mail you a letter telling you if you got the job or not and who you will be working with. Run along now" he shooed me away. I was so anxious to see if I got the job or not. I just went home and sat around all day waiting for a letter. 

I ended up falling asleep on my couch that night, I woke up to check the time. "10:00 already?" I whispered to myself. it was my birthday today and I was all alone, as usual. I decided to get up and take a shower. When I got out and was all dressed I went to the living room to turn the television on but was frozen in my steps as I saw a letter get slipped through my mailing slot on my apartment door. After I was done with my mini-party in my head I walked over to the letter and opened it. It read:

Dear Jordan Camerato,
        Congradulations. You qualified for the job. We are glad to be working with you. You will be an assistant for 

As I read the last words it ruined my birthday. 

One Direction.

once again, I love my boys. this is just a character ♡♡♡♡♡
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