To the End of the World and Back Again


This novella is not finished. Please assess my imagination. The story continues with some thought grinding twists.


2. The Trickery

"Wake up!"


Bam! My head hits the top bunk. "Ouch...what do you want Wally?" I asked.

"We're late for school, the buss is here." My brother said.

MY HEAD ACHES. This is the third time this month that I hit that dang bar above me. What ever will I do with myself? And, to make things complicated I can never hide from the Sun blasting its rays in my eyes.

“Charlie Jameson Cole! Out of bed this instant, brush your teeth, and don’t forget your lunch on the way out.” My mother politely asked—brother, nothing wakes you up faster than a frustrated mom in the morning.

Well, one of my guitars were left out in the living room again; I have a dog that has no bladder control for the fungal metallic smell of its old guitar strings. Maintenance? Well, lets say I barely play it; but, its got great medicinal value. It's just good to know I have it.

"Gosh pooch, get away from that Zed"—his urine samples on my Hendrix Edition made me furious. The only one that really understands me relived himself on my six string electric guitar. Its fantastic to know someone cares.

I literally live in the Living room. Maybe I ought to just sleep in here too. I mean the pizza, gym socks on the couch, my pants on the ground, and white T’s and shoes really do go hand in hand when mom says clean your room.

“Mom, where’s my skateboard?” Skating to school was the only option—I’m what you would call a third wing. There are no party invitations, no birthday invitations, and no girls for dances. And, I feel like I’m the only high school senior without a car. Mom says I’ve got my looks, but even then what are looks without action. I don’t exactly have style.

That day at school, I saw her. She is so gorgeous. Her mesmerizing blue eyes and petite body made me jittery all over.

“Well aren’t you going to talk to her?” Nick  asked.

“No…Are you kidding, she’s the hottest girl in school.”

“Come on Charlie! You know you want to ask her to prom.”

“Shush, she’ll hear us. Girls have a sense for these kinds of things.”

“She’ll hear us? She’s walking to the other side of the cafeteria.”

“Yeah well, maybe she’ll come this way,” I added.

“You wish.”

“Shush, look whose here.”

Just then, Justin walked in the mess hall with his football buddies, Ethan and Cole. They’re all about six two and athletic. They went everywhere together. Justin was wearing his red and white jockey jacket and had his black hair liberty spiked—those things were three inches long. On his right stood Ethan with his short blonde hair and green jacket; star running back and charming with the ladies. To his left was Cole with his black hoodie and backwards hat; middle linebacker and just about the only one in the school who could beat bully Joe in a fist fight.

I can’t believe those guys. They walked right up to the table she was eating at and began speaking with her and her friends. Oh what I’d give to just be able to say hi. I stared at them, marveling at the progress they were making with the cheerleading squad.

“Come on…let’s go,” Nick said.

He grabbed my arm and headed out to our last couple of classes.

After school, Nick’s Mom drove me home from school.

“See you later Charlie!” Nick said.

“Bye Charlie!” Mrs. Cleve followed.

“Goodbye Nick, thank you for the ride Mrs. Cleve.”

“You’re welcome,” she replied.

After a while I had finished my homework. Mom and dad don’t get home until about eight that night so I drank some soda, plopped myself on the couch, and turned on the T.V. Slowly, I was lulled asleep.



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