The step cousin. one direction fanfic

Porter and her mum move to homels chapel and her mom Marrys a new man... Soon porter finds out that her new step cousin is famous and she starts to fall for him...


13. Porter's Prov


I wake up to Harry kissing my cheek..... I didnt even wanna deal with anything right now. "Porter come on get up and put on clothes we have a meeting." I nod get up get my clothes walk into the bathrrom chnage then come back out. Once everyone was ready we got in the car and left. When we got there we all sat down. Harry held my hand the whole time.... Why?????? "Hello boys and Porter.." Why did he say it like that whatever. I dont even care he's stupid. "So Harry we undstand you and Porter have been dating for a while.... you know you are supposed to be single.." OH MY GOD NO NO NO this cant be happening. I start to tear up. "But this isnt fair. I cant stay single forever...." The man looks at me then says "We also understand that you are Porters cousin" I look at him and yell "WERE STEP COUNSINS WELL I MEAN WERE NOT EVEN REALLY THAT MY STEP DAD IS LIKE HIS GOD DAD SO WERE NOT REALLY EVEN RELATED AT ALL!" Harry looks at me then smiles all the other boys have their mouths wide open. What I'm not letting anything ruin Harry and I. "Well Porter since the public knows about you guys you have to break up or fake date another boy in the band" WHAT IN THE FUCK! ughhhhh I look at him and say "Can you leave so we can all talk about this in private please" He nods and leaves. tears start to run down my cheeks why is this happening to me? We all turn to look at eachother "Well Porter if we break up we can never see eachother ever again just fake date one of them plase babe" I nod and say "Uhm which one?" "Erm well ether Liam or Niall" Niall looks at me.... Niall and I have been best friends since I came to the house. Harry wisphers in my ear to pick Liam.... So thats who it was. "Liam you and I are fake dating" He smiles and nods. Niall then has a frown on his face.... I dont know why Harry wanted me to pick Liam so bad but I didnt care as long as Harry and I could still see eachother I was okay. The ugly man comes back in and says "So what was it?' Liam looks at him and says "Porter is now dating me" The man smiles and nods then tells us we can leave. Once we get back to the house I walk out side to sit on the beach. I start to cry this isnt even right. Harry is my boyfriend. I hear footsteps behind me I turn around and its Harry. I get up and run into his arms still crying. He doesnt say anything he just holds me and I loved it. He walks inside and sets me on our bed then he gets in and just holds me still not saying anything......

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