The step cousin. one direction fanfic

Porter and her mum move to homels chapel and her mom Marrys a new man... Soon porter finds out that her new step cousin is famous and she starts to fall for him...


11. Porter's Prov

I just get out of bed and walk down stairs. He says they will come around but I dont know they really dont like me at all. I cant handle this right now does he not get it they wont come around because were dating they just wont. I grab my shoes and walk out the door I jsut decide to go on a walk. I start walking then I felt something hit my back it was a water ballon I turned around to see 5 girls coming after me with water ballons I didnt do anything. I just stood there and cry Im helpless. I see Niall and he looks at me and sees whats happening he runs to me and yells "GET AWAY FROM HER BACK OFF" Once he said that they stopped and ran away. I stood there shaking and shivering Niall takes off his jacket and puts it on me. I start to walk with Niall back to the house. "Ni why, why do they hate me Harry and I have only been dating for what 3 days maybe? I have done nothing" He looks at me and says "I dont know I honestly dont but they will come around soon enough..." I just smile. We got to the house and as soon as I walk in I feel someones arms come around my waist. "Dont ever leave again Okay? You scared me to death" It was Harry. He pulls away and it seems like he had been crying.... Crap I didnt want him to cry ugh whatever. "Im fine just a little cold but thats okay." he smiles and kisses my lips. There was something about Harry I just felt okay with him and I have only known him for a week maybe? I really dont even know. "Erm Im gonna go shower then go to bed" I walk upstairs shower then get in bed. I start to fall asleep but then I hear Harry come in so I act like Im asleep. Hes on the phone with someone I dont know who.... "Uh shes my girlfriend" He says

"What? hah Im not breaking up with her."

"You cant do this just because i forgot to ask this is complete bullshit"

"I can fire you"

"Im still not breaking up with her but yes we will come in tomorrow for a meeting" he says then hangs up

I didnt really wanna know what it was about.

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