The step cousin. one direction fanfic

Porter and her mum move to homels chapel and her mom Marrys a new man... Soon porter finds out that her new step cousin is famous and she starts to fall for him...


7. Porter's Prov

Once we got in and got the paint in we just layed on my bed. "Hey Harry..." i said "Yes..?" he said back "Uhm why did you kiss me earlier..... i mean i dont care i just wanna know do you uhm like me?" I said look at the fan. "Yeah i actually do. We can like eachother because were not really you know related so it doesnt really matter ya know? But yes i do like you ever since you walked in to the bonus room the first day you moved in here...." he said. I was just speachless because I liked him to. "I like you too Harry. I like you for who you are not because you're famous." I say sitting up he sits up then presses his lips on mine. I really like Harry a lot.. But i dont think i could deal with all the hate and stuff i mean what if he cheats on me while he goes on tours and stuff.... That's what really scared me I just cant I like him but im not sure how ill be when we date if we even date we have technically been on a date right? I dont know. "Well I'm going now I'll pick you up from school tomorrow then we can go get some films and stuff for the huge sleepover tomorrow. Goodnight love" he says kissing my cheek. "Okay I'll be looking for you oh and Harry can you try and not talk to those fake barbies..... Please?" I say... Crap did that sound like I was super jealous..? "Anything for you love.. Plus I dont really like them at all. But you need to get some sleep so night beautiful" he says kissing me once more "Night Harry I'll see you tomorrow" I say walking to the bathroom. Once he leaves i get a quick shower change then go to sleep. I wake up to my annoying alarm clock. I get up go to the bathroom brush my teeth and curl my hair and do my make up. Then I go back to my closet and pick out jeans, my grey oversized sweater and my red toms. I rush down stairs get an apple then Jack takes me to school. Its finally the end of the day and I see Harry waiting for me. I smile then run to him and hug him. "Ew Harry what are you doing with her she should be with us duh Harry" two barbies said. I just walked away to the other side of the car and got in. They totally ruined my mood I hate people. Soon someone knocked on the window i opened the door.. "Hey you're that girl from tumblr 'itsporterdoe' right?" the girl said. "Yeah...." I said i had like 4,000 followers on tumblr... "Can you take a picture with me." she asked. I nodded we took the picture then she left. Harry was still talking I was beyond pissed I get out of the car go up to him put my arms around his neck and kiss him. I pull away then he says "Well I have to go." I smile with success my plan worked i waved bye to the barbies and with that we left.











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