The step cousin. one direction fanfic

Porter and her mum move to homels chapel and her mom Marrys a new man... Soon porter finds out that her new step cousin is famous and she starts to fall for him...


4. Porter's Prov

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* I roll over and hit my alarm it was 5 a.m. and i have school today. I get up go into the bathroom shower brush my teeth do my hair and make-up then head back to my room. I go to a public school so i could wear whatever i wanted i pick out jeans, my 'RAMONES' tank top and my red leather jacket with my black uggs. I wanted to look really good today because i was going to a new school and i was hanging out with Harry after. I wonder if he likes me i saw all the hatefl things those girls said about me when he tweeted about me but it doesnt get to me really i mean yeah it hurts because they dont even know me but oh well. I walk downstairs to see Jack "Hi" i say "Hello Porter come on get in the car im taking you to school" he says. I get in the car i can feel the awkwardness uh oh. I get to school get out and walk straight to my class ignoring all the looks i got from people. I was never the popular pretty gorgeous girl that eveyone liked. Hours past and it was finally time to go home. I walk out and see Harry waving at me i smile and wave then run to his car. Once i get there all these fake barbies come up to Harry. "Hey Harry why are you here?' one of them asks. He starts talking to them for like 10 minutes i was getting a little mad he looks and me and sees that im mad. He gets in the car and grabs my hand but i pull away i mean thats just weird. "Im so sorry about that" he says. I just look at him then look back at the road im just gonna pretend to stay mad at him. I really like Harry like alot and were not related in anyway because were just step-cousins so it honestly doesnt matter if we date. We just go through the drive through at starbucks then back to my house no one was home. We go up to my room and just sit on the bed "Porter im sorry i really am you cant stay mad at me forever next time we can just leave i promise im so sorry." he says. I start thinking this is what it will be like all the time if we date or anything. I stand up walk to my closet and put on sweats and my hair up in a bun then walk over and lay on my bed. Harry keeps on saying sorry i smirk then he starts tickling me. "no  har harry st stop" i say between laughs. He stops and smiles at me then lays beside me "Are you stil mad at me?" he ask "no i never really was it was just funny" i say. He gets up and starts to walk down the stairs. Fuck i just messed everything up. "Harry im sorry come back" i say running down the stairs he was walking to his car. "Harry pleaseeeeeeeeee" i say running to him with puppy dog eyes. He turns around and hugs me "i was never actually going to leave it was just funny watching you beg" he says i hit him then start walking back inside because it was about to rain. I start walking then Harry pulls my arm and i come into his chest. He lifts up my chin then kisses me with the rain coming down. I smile during the kiss then pull away and run inside. It was honestly the best kiss i have ever had.

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