The step cousin. one direction fanfic

Porter and her mum move to homels chapel and her mom Marrys a new man... Soon porter finds out that her new step cousin is famous and she starts to fall for him...


1. Moving.

Hi im Porter im 16 but ill be 17 in 6 days. Im short i have bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. I live in London but im moving to Homles chapel because my mum is getting remarried.. To be honest im not happy about it the guy shes marring has one daughter but shes like 3 or 4. Ive never even really met him before...

"PORTER" my mum yells up the stairs "YES" i yell back "COME ON LETS GO WE HAVE TO LEAVE IT TAKES 3 HOURS TO GET THERE AND ITS HALF PAST 11" she yells. I get off the floor grab the last of my things then head down the stairs to the car. I get in the car put my head phones in and go to sleep. I feel someone nudging me i wake up and see my mum smiling at me. "Were here come on" my mum says. I get up then get out to see there is a bunch on cars here... We go in and everyone smiles at us maybe this wouldnt be so bad i mean i had to change schools which was a downer but maybe everything else will go good. "Porter come here meet everyone" my soon to be stepdad told me. He was really nice and really loved my mum Jack. I start walking torwards the big crowd of poeple. "Evryone this is Ellen and Porter" Jack said to his family and friends. This is very awkward since i know none of these people and my mum does because she has met them. I start to just look around the house it was HUGE. I feel something come hug my legs i look down and its a little girl i bend down "hi" i say "hi" she says "Im Porter" i say "Im Abby" "How old are you?" "Three" she says. I smile then get up as she walks away i go upstairs to look for my room. I found it, it was huge i had a big walk in closet and my own bathroom. I hear boys yelling at each other. I turn the corner to see 5 cute boys playing FIFA 12 on xbox. I start to giggle because on of the siad "shit" they all turn around uh oh. "Hi" i siad with a wave and smile. "uhm hi can we ask who you are?" they all said "Oh im Porter my mum is marring Jack in two days so im his new stepdaughter who are you guys part of his family?" i say "Oh no Harry is his nefew we are just Harry's friends" the blonde haried one said "Oh" i say then leave the room. That was so awkward. I go out to the car to get my bags when I hear someone with a husky voice say hi. I turn around it was Harry. He was really attractive his green eyes curly hair and dimples. What was i thinking i cant date him hes gonna be my cousin. UGHHH

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