The step cousin. one direction fanfic

Porter and her mum move to homels chapel and her mom Marrys a new man... Soon porter finds out that her new step cousin is famous and she starts to fall for him...


14. Liam's Prov.

Well okay now I'm dating Porter. This could go really well or terrible I'm hoping really well.

I go to Harry and Porter's room because management called and said we had to go out in public to make it look believable. I just pray I wont catch feelings for her. I'm scared oh goodness what if I do.


"Erm porter we need to go out in public to make people believe us." I say while knocking on the door.


She comes out and we leave the house and walk down the streets.


"Do you think we should ya know hold hands?" I was nervous I don't even know why I wish I wasn't I hate this it makes me sound like a nerd. She laughs and grabs my hand. I blush. I hear camera's flash. Well this is a good sign. They are getting pictures.


"Liam Porter kiss!" The paps are screaming at us. They are attracting fans. UGHHH FUCK


I grab her face and smash my lips to hers. She doesn't even kiss back. She pulls away and gives me a little dirty look. I just messed everything up.



sorry its short ! Ive been busy and Ive had really bad writters block. OKay enjoy  

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