The step cousin. one direction fanfic

Porter and her mum move to homels chapel and her mom Marrys a new man... Soon porter finds out that her new step cousin is famous and she starts to fall for him...


10. Harry's Prov

 I wake up with Porter in my arms. I grab my phone and long on to twitter... It was awful the things people were saying.

'She's an ugly ratchet hoe'

'Ewww she's too skinny G.R.O.S.S'

'She's just using Harry anyway he deserves better'

I couldnt take it anymore i had to do something about it I wasnt gonna let this happen not to Porter. I tweeted

"I'd appreciate it if you all would back off my girlfriend. She's wonderful. Jealousy isnt cute. xxx"

I'm not letting this happen to her. "Morning babe" she says kissing my cheek. "Morning" I say "well if you were up you could have moved me over so you could get up..." she says "No no I was okay you're a cute sleeper by the way" I say as she blushes "Hey Porter were going to our vacation house near the beach wanna come with us we will be there for who knows how long" I say hoping she says yes... "DUH" she says running and hugging me. I just didnt want her here with all the fake sluts at her school.. Just not now because then she might just dump me and I honestly really her like alot...... Like more then I have liked my other girlfriends.

"Harry I dont know what to pack...."  she says looking at her closet. "Erm pack what ever bring shorts and jeans shirts a hoodie shoes and whatever else you pacl for holiday" I say "alrighty haz" she says laughing.

She comes down the stairs with a big huge bag and 2 other small ones. "Uh babe dont you think you packed enough..." I say "Well one has my clothes one has my make-up and other things and the other one had my teddy blacket and pillow." She says with a grin. I just laugh and grab her bags and drive to the house the boys and are already have clothes there from last time. "Okay so there are only 6 rooms... We all have our own. You can have the spare one Poter if you would like" Liam says "SHE WANTS TO SHARE WITH HARRY AND WE KNOW IT" Louis yells from upstairs. "Erm i guess I'll share with Harry" She saying biting her lip which was very attractive if i do say so myself. We get to my room and unpack. She pulls out her lap-top and gets on her tumblr. "H-Harry" She says with tears coming down her face. "Yeah love" I say walking to her and sitting beside her. "Just l-loo-k" She says so I did.

Somone messaged her telling her to die and she was an ugly whore. It just got worse I turned it off and held her.

"Porter?" I say she didnt answer me

"Porter please talk to me" I say once again

"I told you this wouldnt work Harry I told you." She says sobbing into my chest

"We just have to try its only been a day the will come around i promise" I say kissing the top of her head

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