The step cousin. one direction fanfic

Porter and her mum move to homels chapel and her mom Marrys a new man... Soon porter finds out that her new step cousin is famous and she starts to fall for him...


8. Harry's Prov

Well she kissed me.... So yeah I will probably ask her out tonigtht but I dont want the family to know I mean i could tell jack because he's like a dad to me and im sure she would tell her mum. "Kay what happened to i wont talk to them..?" she askes. "They were saying hateful things about you I wasnt gonna just let them do that not to you" I say. She blushes and smiles. Yeah score one for Harry! We pull up to the store we go in hand in hand and get sweets, sodas, popcorn, ice cream, and apple jucie. Then we go to the movie store we got 1 of every type of moive but we got 2 scary movies because i want to cuddle with her all night long. Wow im so weird. When we get the stuff we head back to her place walk in then head up to the bonus room to set up everything. Then we walk back down stairs Jack and her mum were home Jack's daughter was at her mums. I pulled Jack and Alex Porters mum outside. "So erm... I really like Porter like a lot..." I say "Well get some then Harry just kidding but ask her out!" Jack says "Yeah go for it I think she likes you to she wouldnt shut up about you the other night and you guys arent related so go for it but Harry if you hurt my baby I will hurt you understand?" her mum says. I laugh and nod.. This was perfect. I walk back inside to see everyone standing there in the living from with their bags and stuff. "Oh hi guys Porter is upstairs in the bonus room come on" I say we all go upstairs but we stop at the bonus room door because we see Porter singing 'Sexy can I' while painting the chalk board paint on the wall. "Uh love their here" i say. she turns around and looks like red tomato.... "Hi everyone im Porter nice to meet you" she says walking over. We were finallly done with painting everything now time for movies. It was Porter and I in the love seat Lou and El on the couch Dani and Liam on the bean bag Zayn and Perrie on the floor and Niall in the floor. "Hey Porter" i say

"Yes Harry" she says "I have a question" i say "Kay shoot" she says.. I take a deep breath then ask..




HAHAHAHAHA ! hello people! cliffhanger though ! leave comments love you !



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