The step cousin. one direction fanfic

Porter and her mum move to homels chapel and her mom Marrys a new man... Soon porter finds out that her new step cousin is famous and she starts to fall for him...


6. Harry's Prov

I just kind of stood there for a minute did I really just kiss her? Liike I knew what i was doing but i cant believe i actually did it. Maybe she likes me to I mean she kissed me back so obviously. Tomorrow was friday and everyone was coming over all the boys El, Dani, and Perri. Maybe we should already go get the paint and stuff. I walk back in the house to see Porter standing there with a grin on her face like she had done something. I walk over to her pick her up walk out to the car and put her in the passengers side. "Uh Harry where are we going?" she ask "Oh well i thought we should go get some paint and stuff for tomorrow night, everyone is coming over and sleeping over i already talked to Jack he didnt care." I say "Well oh okay" she says then looks out the window. The song 'superman' comes on and she starts singing. She's amazing, perfect just all around perfect. We get tp the store we get out i grab her hand. I've already kissed her so its okay. I see her blush she was so cute. We walk over to the paint and she picks out a coral colour then black chalk borad paint for the bonus room then mint green for her bathroom. She buys it then we leave it was already 8p.m. We get back to her house bring the paint in then just lay on her bed.


AUTHORS NOTE: sorry its short ill post more tomorrow im super busy at the moment love you all !



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