The step cousin. one direction fanfic

Porter and her mum move to homels chapel and her mom Marrys a new man... Soon porter finds out that her new step cousin is famous and she starts to fall for him...


2. Harry's Prov

Once she said hi i couldnt stop looking at her. I go down the stairs "Hey Jack wheres Porter?' i ask "She went outside to get the rest of her things" he says. I go out to see her getting her stuff out. "Hi' i say she turns around and smiles "oh hi Harry" she said "hi porter, uhm are you going to school tomorrow?" i ask "yeah why wouldnt i?" she says with a laugh "oh i was wondering if i could pick you up after and we could go get coffee or something just to uhm get to know eachother a little better" i say "yeah sure id love that uhm harry could you help me bring my stuff in?' she ask i smile and nod and start helping. We go up to her room she starts to unpack as i start walking back down stairs "you know you can stay in here i wont bite you" she says. She was so cute. Wait what am i thinking shes my stepcousin but were not really realted so it dosent really matter. I go back up and sit on her bed. Its been an hour and a half and shes still unpacking. "Your room is so dull and not fun" i say "I know i need to paint it and decorate" she says "Lets do that this friday the boys and their girlfriends can come help if thats okay. I know jack wont care because I throw parties here all the time" "Okay thats fine i cant waitt" she says with a smile. 2 hours later she was finally done. "That took about 3 hours" i say "I know but i have a lot of stuff because im a girl duh" she said in the cutest vocie "hey do you have twitter and i need your number" i say "yeah i have it my twitter name is @PorterGrace3 and heres my number" she says. I log on to twitter and follow her, her phone lights up and she smiles. "Well its almost 10 so i better get going goodnight ill see you tomorrow" i say hugging her. I wanted to kiss her but i knew i couldnt she might have gotten like weirded out or something. She says bye and i leave. I get back to my flat go up to my room chnage then lay in bed. I go on tiwtter and tweet "@PorterGrace3 has alot of stuff didnt know it takes girls 3 hours to unback..." then my mentions blow up with questions "are you dating her" "who is she" "shes ugly judging by her picture" i brush it off my shoulder and go to sleep.

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