Crazy Love

Have you ever loved someone so much that you don't know what you would do without them? That is this story, filled with love,romance and deep infatuation!! Otherwise known as Crazy Love!!!


2. There's a first time for everything

The next day, i am waiting at the park when suddenly, someone grabs my waist from behind. I turn around and realize it's Harry. "Hi Love, I'm glad you made it." he said. I told him "I wouldn't miss it, so what do you want to do?" He says " I don't know, we can just sit and talk if you want.' I smile and tell him "I would love that.' We sit down and talk about ourselves and our family for a while. Harry says that he has a baby sister named Lux, and an older one named Gemma. I tell him that I would love to meet them. He says that maybe i could in the future. I get excited and blush when he says that. We talked for an hour, then I see a puppy and I say "Let's go play with the puppy." He smiles and says sure. After we play with the puppy, we go get ice cream and sit down and talk more. He puts his arm around me, I'm so excited but i act cool. I really like you Kate, Harry says. I really like you too, I say, he ask me if I wanted to go on another date, but this time we go somewhere more romantic. I say yes and that i would love that, Harry says that he will pick me up tomorrow at 6:00P.M. The next night I'm so excited that i spend 2 hours getting ready. I decide to wear a purple dress and black heals. When Harry picks me up, he says that i look amazing and that his favorite color is Purple. I laugh and say so is mine. When we get to the restaurant, Harry pulls out my chair for me. He's such a gentleman i think as he sits down. He tells me again how amazing I look and I blush. After our food comes and we pay, Harry asks if i would like to go get some ice cream. I tell him i would love it, and we go. While we are eating the ice cream, Harry and I talk for awhile. A little while later Harry says "Kate, I really like you a-lot. We are hanging out a-lot and I'm having a-lot of fun. he stops for a second and I get very excited. "I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?" he asks. I respond by saying "Yes, absolutely. I say kissing him. "Wow" he says," What?" i ask. "I never thought you would get so excited about me asking you to be my girlfriend." he says. 'Why wouldn't I?' I tell him. " I really like you and your amazing, of course I want to be your girlfriend" I kiss him again and then we go for a walk in the park!!! The next day harry calls and says that he has a suprise for me. I run over to his house and knock on his door. When he opens the door he pulls me in and gives me a long passionate kiss. I am so distacted by the kiss, that i forget what we were doing. Harry said that he had 2 tickets to the Cher Llyod concert. I was so excited that i started "Babe, I'm so excited,when is it?" I asked. "It's tommorrow night." said Harry. "Omg,well i have to figure out what im gonna wear." I told him. "You have plenty of time,right now i want to take you to get some fro-yo.' I run up stairs get dressed and then we go in Harry's car. When we get to the frozen yougurt place, I order Red Velvet Cake fro-yo, Harry orders White Choclate. Then Harry takes me to the beach and we sit on a giant rock, and just talk for a while. While I'm telling Harry a story he just starts staring at me. "What?" i ask him. "Nothing im just think how I'm the luckist guy in the world. he says. "O shut-up" I tell him. "It's true" he said. "I love u."  "I love you too" I say. "Really?, he asks then will you marry me? he asks. I'm caught off guard,But i love him so much and after a minute of thinking I answer. "YES, I would love to marry you". We kiss and then we go tell our familes the big news. The End!!!

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