My Kryptonite

Claire Windhall was an average girl. She didn't have anything exciting happening at all. But once she goes to London for the summer and has two famous One Direction stars fall for her, she doesn't know what to do. She knows that eventually she has to go home. Will she have the guts to tell the truth, or will she keep it a secret?


7. The Dare

Harry's POV

After everyone got the firewood, we sat down and decided to play a cheesy game of Truth or Dare. We sat down by the fire and started. "Ok, who wants to go first?" Liam asked. "I will!" Danielle said. "Okay, umm... Claire! Truth or dare?" "Erm... Dare?" Claire said. "Okay, but you asked for it!" Danielle sat their for a second tapping her foot. "Okay! I've got it. I want you to go and jump in the river with just your shorts and tank top on!" She said. "But the river is always freezing!" Claire said. "Plus I would need warmer clothes on!" she said almost whining. "Yeah babe, I don't think it's a good idea..." I said. "Well forget it! I have to do it so I am." Right then she got up and stripped into just her tank and shorts. She really was gorgeous. She walked over to the bank of the river and jumped. Right then my heart stopped. I heard a splash and then a screech. It was Claire. I ran as fast as I could. "Claire!" I screamed. All I heard was a faint "help" from down in the river. I jumped down in and grabbed her. I brought her up on the bank and she was shivering and whimpering. "Claire, can you hear me?" I said. She nodded. "Okay, then what hurts?" She pointed to her right leg. I touched it and she screamed. "Help! Someone help! We need to get her to the hospital!" Liam and Niall ran over and picked Claire up. I was still on the ground. Perrie came over and helped me up and then we got in the car. The nearest hospital was 10 miles away and the boys had already left with Claire. I felt bad for not being able to be with Claire, but I was too shaky. I just had to get in the car and drive with the girls. 

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