My Kryptonite

Claire Windhall was an average girl. She didn't have anything exciting happening at all. But once she goes to London for the summer and has two famous One Direction stars fall for her, she doesn't know what to do. She knows that eventually she has to go home. Will she have the guts to tell the truth, or will she keep it a secret?


5. Camping- Niall's P.O.V.

The whole entire bus ride I couldn't stop thinking of Claire. I don't know what it was about her. She just pulled me in. I watched her and the other girls talking and even then her green eyes were gorgeous as they sparkled in the sunlight. It was when we got there that I knew I had to talk to her. She knew how I felt about her and I knew that she felt the same way. We all got off the bus except for the girls. "Of course," I thought. "She's trying to avoid me." I went in and heard Harry say that she wanted a top bunk. He put her sleeping bag on top of one of the bunks. I ran over to that bunk and chose the one right underneath her's. I knew she would be mad, but I had to do it. For my sake. She finally walked in and realized that we were sharing a bunk. I could tell by her facial reactions that she was NOT happy. She got her stuff together and then sat down. We all chatted for a moment or two and then decided we were going to get some firewood. Claire had to put on some sneakers, so I just waited behind. She turned around and screamed at me. Obviously she didn't know I was there. We talked about this and that, and then I don't know what happened. I just grabbed her and kissed her. It was a long, amazing, kiss. I could just tell that she loved it. She even kissed back! I couldn't believe that it was finally happening. The moment I had been waiting for. The moment that I could kiss Claire Windhall like Harry did in her car the first day that we all met. But of course, she had to pull me back to reality when she pulled away. Just a few minutes later, Harry walked in. I was so scared that he saw us. I didn't know if he did or not. Harry asked what was going on and Claire used some lame lie about me helping her get gum off of her shoe. But the look Harry gave me as he walked out could burn through titanium. I automatically knew; he saw us.
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