My Kryptonite

Claire Windhall was an average girl. She didn't have anything exciting happening at all. But once she goes to London for the summer and has two famous One Direction stars fall for her, she doesn't know what to do. She knows that eventually she has to go home. Will she have the guts to tell the truth, or will she keep it a secret?


1. The Plane to London

Claire Windhall was the most insecure girl you have ever met. She was afraid to smile, because she thought her teeth were too big. She wouldn't laugh because she thought that she would snort. She wore her hair down all the time because she thought her ears looked funny. Although none of this was true, Claire thought it was. Her hair was right below her chest, and it was a beautiful, deep, brown. Long, with all of the waves in the world. She had the most beautiful green eyes that were to die for. Her teeth were as white as possible, and they were all perfectly aligned which made her have the prettiest smile. But to her, she was nothing. Just a boring old brick. She wasn't very popular, either. All of the girls that were popular looked like barbies, with their bleach blonde hair, and make-up that makes them look like they just fell down a flight of stairs. But Claire put that behind her. This was her chance to get away from everything. Just be free in London. She wanted her independence. She had her last day of senior year the day before last and was ready to leave the country. "I am finally away from all of those fake people," Claire thought, as she was lying there in bed. She sat up as fast as she could. "Oh my God," she said. "Today I'm going to London!" she jumped out of bed and brushed out her gorgeous hair, put on jean shorts, a white and grey striped baggy tank, and a fedora. She looked amazing. She went and brushed her teeth, and put on her oxfords. She was ready. She had packed all of her things the night before, so she just had to bring them outside. "Claire! Are you ready?!" her mom asked. "Yeah, I think so," Claire said. "Good, because you have an exciting day today! I made you breakfast. It's on the table." on the table was some french toast, sausage, and a glass of orange juice. Claire got full just looking at it. She sat down and ate as much as possible, and then went and put her luggage in the car. She was so excited to go see her older brother. She hadn't seen him since he got married and moved to London. Claire went inside, gave her mom a hug and a kiss, and got into her old jeep she called "Thumbelina". "Thumbles" for short. Since Claire's older brother was rich, he said he would pay for them to bring her car over to London. Apparently to him it was the smartest thing to do. When Claire got to the airport, she brought her car up front for them to put somewhere and somehow get it over to London. She wasn't quite sure how they were going to do it. Living in Atlanta, Georgia had it's ups and downs. For one thing, it was ALWAYS busy. Especially the airport. So saying that she had three suitcases and she was only five-foot three, she had some trouble getting through the traffic of the airport. She eventually got to where she needed to be. In less than ten minutes her flight was being called. "Wow," she thought. "I almost missed it!"
She got to her seat. The flight went by fast to Claire, because she slept through most of it. She woke up to see the beautiful city of London down below her. She was amazed. "This is nothing like Atlanta!" She thought to herself. Once they landed, Claire stretched her legs out and found Thumbles. She got inside and called her mom to tell her about the flight. "It was fine, Mom. I promise. Ok. O-Ok, Mom. Mom. It's Ok. I'm here. Ok. Alright. Ok. Love you too. Bye." Claire rolled her eyes and hung up the phone. She started driving and got lost. She had no idea where she was! So she parked her car at a local café and sat down for a coffee. She was exhausted. But then, out of the corner of her eye, she sees something. "No," she thinks. "It can't be." she looks again and it is. It's One Direction! "No wonder they come here," Claire thinks. "This is a little 'hole-in-the-wall' café! No one would see them here!" She looks over at the table again. She sees Harry looking at her. She quickly turns away, and then looks back again. He's still staring. Harry tells the boys that he will be right back and gets out of his seat. He went up to Claire. "I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but you seem kind of lonely." He said, with the voice of an angel. "Would you like to come join us?" She didn't know what to do. She blinked, and he was still there. She knew she wasn't dreaming. "Uhm, sure!" she said. Harry reached out his hand. She grabbed it. They walked over to the boys and they all started to wink at Harry. "Oh, stop it." he said, in an quiet voice. "This is... Uhm… I'm sorry, I'm afraid I didn't get your name." Harry said. "Claire," she said. "My name is Claire."
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