The Fall (1D)

A coincidence. A plane crash. The real story is what happens in between. This story tells of Johanna, a nineteen year old single traveler on a flight home from a wedding, and a certain person by the name of Harry Styles and what may be the last moments of their lives. How will they spend it? What will be sacrificed? Find out in this suspenseful thriller of One Direction fanfiction.


1. This Is Goodbye

A chorus of goodbyes caught up to me. Arms embraced me. Tears were shed. It seems like I had only been here in America for hours, when in fact it had been several weeks. But now, it was time to leave. My best friend Lydia grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the large group of my other friends who had come to see me off at the airport. Lydia gave me a small smile and images came back to me. Instead of the girl standing before me in sweats and her hair in a messy bun, a girl in a stunning beaded white dress looked me in the eyes. her hair was so perfect with not a strand out of place, and her makeup done carefully, only showing a splash of color on her eyelids and cheeks.

"Lydia, I can't believe you're married." I said. "Honestly, I wish I could move back here to America so badly!" I frowned to myself, because I knew in my mind that there was no way I would be able to. Being a London photographer had its disadvantages. "You looked so beautiful Friday night. Matt was lucky to marry you."

"Promise you'll be back in a year? No less!" Lydia asked me, smiling. "Absolutely, cross my heart, hope to die, I will be back in America in one year or less," I answered. "And hopefully  by that time, you will come and pick me up with one hand pushing a stroller and the other holding a diaper bag." We both knew that she wanted a baby. She had always been jealous of me and my daughter. "We'll work on it." she said with a smirk.


"BYE! We'll miss you! Come back soon! Don't leave! Bye bye!" everyone screamed and ran in for one last hug before I boarded the plane. 

I handed the attendant my ticket and she scanned it. I walked through the tunnel and eventually got to the plane. I looked for my seat while I was slowly inching forward in the line. 16A. There were only two seats on each side of the plane, so I picked the window seat, since I love looking out the windows on planes. Feeling yourself soaring high above everything in the world makes me feel kind of...content. I put my carry on under the seat in front of me and buckled my seatbelt. This 7 hour flight was going to be a piece of cake. 


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