The Fall (1D)

A coincidence. A plane crash. The real story is what happens in between. This story tells of Johanna, a nineteen year old single traveler on a flight home from a wedding, and a certain person by the name of Harry Styles and what may be the last moments of their lives. How will they spend it? What will be sacrificed? Find out in this suspenseful thriller of One Direction fanfiction.


7. I've Never Been Loved Like This Before

The curtain was suddenly snapped open, and a younger looking man poked through. "Sorry to,uh, interrupt, but I'm going around asking if you've been able to contact anybody back home yet."

Huh. Funny how that hadn't even popped into my head yet. Then again, Harry hadn't mentioned it either. 

"I haven't yet, and uh-" I trailed off at the end and looked at Harry to finish.

"I have. Thank you sir." Harry said. The man shut the curtain and I heard his footsteps rub against the carpet and he walked away from the back of the plane. I turned to Harry, but didn't say anything, hoping he could sense the confusion.

He handed me his phone and simply said: "Call."

It occurred to me that I wasn't sure exactly who to call first. I couldn't call my daughter. Lydia was out of the question. And I hadn't even let my parents know that I was returning to America for a few weeks-after I decided not to go to college I suppose they had lost all hope in me. But still-I decided out of the both of them to call my dad instead of my mom. It dialed the standard six or so rings before it clicked to voicemail, which was what I was hoping for. If he had answered I probably would have lost it.

"Hi dad," I started. "Um...I don't really know how to explain this..."

Harry started rubbing my back, which helped a little.

"I just wanted to say that-I love you a lot daddy. And mom too. This might be the last time I talk to you," the words just kept pouring out of my mouth. I didn't even know what I was saying, but I didn't want the call to end.

"And I just want to let you know that you have a granddaughter. I love her so much and, she's just so beautiful. I'm sorry for everything and I hope-"

Beep. That was it. 

Harry let me cry for as long as I wanted.


"Why aren't you calling?" 

He shook his head.

"How much time do we have?"

"Does it matter?"


He checked his phone. "Three hours."

"You'll feel better if you call."

"Doubt it."

"Somebody cares about you."

"And that's exactly why I don't want to call." I understood.

"Harry, I promise you, they'll feel worse if they don't hear from you. I've never been so positive about anything in my life." No matter what I said, he wasn't convinced enough. Finally, I had to say it.

"What would those millions of screaming girls think?" His head snapped up. He knew exactly what I was talking about. 

His mouth gradually formed a smirk. God, was he hot when he did that.

"Oh, so do we have a fan here?"

"If you count switching the radio station every time I hear 'You're insecure, don't know what for,' as a fan," I imitated. 

"Understandable," he said. "How long did it take you figure it out?"

"A couple of hours," I admitted. "Definitely not right away."

He laughed. 

"So...are you going to call or not?"

"No." Ugh.



"Call. Or I will for you."

"I said, no."

"At least leave a message. That's what I did." And that's what he ended up doing too. Harry stood up and I gave him his phone. He stood right outside the curtain, after much protest from me. I didn't know who he ended up calling or what was said, but I felt better knowing he did and I'm sure he was too.

He walked back in and his eyes were red. I wish I could have been out there with him like he was with me. He sat down in his original spot. I broke the silence.

"You know, that guy Zayn is pretty sexy." I said teasingly. There was something about his eyes that made you want to stare into them for a hundred years. 

"Sexier than me?" 

I burst out laughing. He slightly shifted, which meant that I was partially sitting on his lap. I turned around and straddled him. What was I doing?

There were those eyes again. We stared at each other for a really long time before he spoke.

"You were right, I'm glad I called."

"Harry Styles, without a doubt, you are loved. By more people than you think." I smiled. 

"Johanna, I think...I love you."

He kissed me first. I almost pulled away from shock.

"Nobody's ever loved me like this," I said.

"I know." he replied.



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