The Fall (1D)

A coincidence. A plane crash. The real story is what happens in between. This story tells of Johanna, a nineteen year old single traveler on a flight home from a wedding, and a certain person by the name of Harry Styles and what may be the last moments of their lives. How will they spend it? What will be sacrificed? Find out in this suspenseful thriller of One Direction fanfiction.


6. Introductions

"So," began Harry. "I think we better start over."

I nodded. "I'll go first," he said.

"Hello. My name is Harry. I'm eighteen. Single. I've lived almost everywhere, but I was born in Holmes Chapel. My hobbies include-"

I burst into a fit of laughter. "I'm sorry, but that was the most ridiculous introduction I have ever seen anyone do." Harry smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"Not much to tell," he said. "Your turn."

"Well, we might be here for a while," I said.

"Well then," Harry started. He stood up and for a second I thought he was going to leave. Instead, he started rummaging through the cabinets around us. Finally, he sat down with two cans of Pepsi and two bags of pretzels. He handed one to me. "If we're gonna be here a while..." I laughed.

"Okay. I'm Johanna. I'm nineteen. I used to live in America until about two years ago, when I moved to London and started taking pictures. I have a boyfriend and a baby girl in London as well, so I'm flying home. I just came to America to attend my best friend's wedding."

He started coughing. "You have a baby?" He asked.

"Yeah," I said. "She wasn't exactly planned,"

"I understand," he said. "But you have a boyfriend as well?"

"Well, not for long, anyways. It's practically over. I just don't know how I'm going to take care of my daughter after the fact," I said. Harry nodded.

Just when I was starting to feel a bit better about everything, the plane gave a slight lurch downward, and then evened out. It made reality come snapping back to me. Before I could even let a gasp escape my lips, I felt Harry's presence to my right, and he reached his arm across my left shoulder. I didn't push him away this time, even though part of me wanted to.

"Nice to meet you, Johanna," he whispered.  


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