The Fall (1D)

A coincidence. A plane crash. The real story is what happens in between. This story tells of Johanna, a nineteen year old single traveler on a flight home from a wedding, and a certain person by the name of Harry Styles and what may be the last moments of their lives. How will they spend it? What will be sacrificed? Find out in this suspenseful thriller of One Direction fanfiction.


2. Hello Love

Many passengers were still boarding the plane and getting comfortable. Still, nobody sat in the seat next to mine. Good, I thought, more room for me. I threw my spare blanket and neck pillow on the aisle seat next to mine. The flight attendants began to prepare the cabin for takeoff.

Suddenly, a boy came sprinting onto the plane, nearly pushing the flight attendant off her feet. I stifled a laugh.

"I'm late! I'm late! Just let me get to my seat please!" he shouted. He looked like he had just gotten out of bed, and considering his timing, that was probably what happened.

I expected him to just keep running toward the back of the plane and have the plane quickly take off. I turned to face the window. Instead, I felt someone standing behind me and heard, "Erm...excuse me?"

I had taken his seat accidentally. "Sorry!" I said and swiftly removed the neck pillow and blanket.

"Quite alright," he replied. "And hello, love."

British accents= one of the best things about living in London. No matter who you talk to, whether it be a 70 year old grannie or a 5 year old boy, they always find the right place to stick the little extra "love" in there somewhere. If I try it, it just comes out sounding downright unnatural.

I studied him when he sat down next to me. Brown hair. Curly. Green eyes. Converse, jeans, hoodie. Beanie. If i had to guess, he was about 17.

I got a last minute text from Lydia : Miss you already girlie:) xo   days until return: 364 -Lydia

I could feel the boy checking me out as I read Lydia's text. Weird. As far as he was concerned, I wasn't interested. I sneeked a peek out of the corner of my eye. Well, MOST of me wasn't interested.

Woah, Johanna. Stop. You have a boyfriend and a daughter at home. And in just over 7 short hours, you'll be with them after a long couple of weeks. This plane ride will be forgotten, and so will this boy your sitting next to. Just don't talk to him and focus on sleeping, eating, or your iPad. 

Easier said than done.

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