The Fall (1D)

A coincidence. A plane crash. The real story is what happens in between. This story tells of Johanna, a nineteen year old single traveler on a flight home from a wedding, and a certain person by the name of Harry Styles and what may be the last moments of their lives. How will they spend it? What will be sacrificed? Find out in this suspenseful thriller of One Direction fanfiction.


3. Can You Please (Not) Leave Me Alone?

The plane began to get ready to take off, pulling on to the runway. My least favorite part that always made me feel like I was going to throw up. Faster and faster, the plane moved forward. I closed my eyes and grabbed the armrest to my left for support, and my hand accidentally gripped onto the hand of the boy next to me. I pulled away. I startled him. 

"Are you okay?"

I swallowed. "Yes, I'm fine." The window looked very interesting all of a sudden. I could feel him staring my face down, and eventually turn his glance somewhere else. 

Apparently I had fallen asleep, because I woke up to my phone buzzing in my butt pocket. It was from an unknown number. Just as I was about to put it down, a voice startled me.

"Don't you know your supposed to turn your phone off on the plane? It can interfere with the radio on the plane, and if we get into an emergency, that could be bad."

"Highly unlikely."

"But possible."

Man, this kid was getting on my nerves. I just didn't respond. 

"I get scared on planes too, if that makes you feel better." he said.

"Can you please leave me alone?" I asked angrily. "Your not making me feel any better right now."

He hesitated. With a hurt look on his face, he responded with, "I'm sorry."I didn't mean to make the kid feel bad. After what seemed like a long silence between us, I said "I know your just trying to be nice. I'm sorry. Its just that i'm kind of a nervous and excited wreck right now, and I want to get home, but I don't want to leave my best friend, and...and it really doesn't help that I'm finding you really attractive right now!!!" He gave me a half smile and raised his eyebrows. I broke into a fit of giggles.

"Well, I can't help the fact that you find me attractive, and even if I could I probably wouldn't change that, but it seems like you happen to be quite stressed out, love. "

My giggles quickly changed into annoyance. "You think?"


"Oh, man, you don't know the half of it!"

"I would know if you told me."

"Why would I tell you? We will never be seeing each other after these 6 hours." Our conversation was interrupted by my phone, once again. A text from Lydia. His eyes went from the phone to me and before he could grab it, I pulled it away and said, "I know, i know, I'll turn it off."

It was a text from Lydia again. It read: hey Hanny:) hope your plane ride went well. say hi to baby for me xo   obviously, she had assumed i would get the text once I turned my phone back on after the plane landed in London.

"Hanny? That's adorable." Of course the boy had seen the text while peering over my shoulder out of curiosity...

"It's actually Johanna, only my closest friends call me Hanny or Hannah."

"Well then nice to meet you, Hanny." I rolled my eyes. "I'm Harry."


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