Everlasting Love

It's a fanfic about Harry! It sad but I think you will enjoy it!


1. Everlasting Love

It was a rainy day in London you and your husband Harry have been married for 50 years and today was your anniversary. You decided since its a special occasion that you will fix dinner up real nice for you and Harry. You set the table up nice, when you remember you have received a china set as a wedding gift. So you go up to the attic to dig up the china. You hear Harry downstairs. " Gosh, he is home early" you whisper to yourself. You head back down stairs to find Harry standing at the bottom of the staircase with a bouquet of roses. You place the china on the floor the stairwell to take the roses and Harry carries the china the rest of the way. You finally have everything set up. You sit and talk to Harry about your youth and when you guys first meet. But everything wasn't as good as it seemed. You can tell Harry had something to say. So you ask him," How was you trip to the doctors today?" at first Harry didn't want to say but eventually he told you the  words no one ever wants to hear! He says, " I have cancer." you can't help but to burst into tears! " They must be wrong, you can't have cancer Harry" you say. " I know it's hard but I will get better" Harry said. You couldn't believe how calm Harry was. You went up to your room to lay down and think.  TO BE CONTINUED.....
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