Gifted With A Powerful Heart

Brenda Rodriguez spends the last few months with her grandpa, Salvador Rodriguez, who is fighting cancer


7. What Just Happend?

As the rest of the morning went by. It was finally time for lunch and free period. During lunch I spent my time eating in the bleachers.. like a loner. And during free period i spent my time in the library. Well, on my way to the library I saw Brandon and i thought i should thank him for defending me in class. " Uh.. hey Brandon" God, Brenda calm down dont make i so obvious!!-i thought. " Oh hey Brenda wats up?" his voice is so adorable! "hey, uh i just wanted to thank you- you know for sticking up for me in class." I'm suprised that i didn't stutter thoughout that whole sentence.." Oh yea, no prob. Emly has been so annoying lately.." " Well, be happy she doesn't bully you 24/7." I said shyly

"What do you mean?" he didn't know? "Well, yea she's always critizing me and i can't do anything about it. Well I can but it will just make matters worst."i felt tears welling up in my eyes- No Brenda you can't cry not now- Too late i felt a tear alreadyfalling down my cheek. I turned away hoping Brandon didn't see me. " Hey... are you crying? I-I didn't know she was making your lfe so miserable..." "You have no idea.." I dried my eyes and looked at Brandon and He looked back. Slowly he leaned in and kissed me.

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