Gifted With A Powerful Heart

Brenda Rodriguez spends the last few months with her grandpa, Salvador Rodriguez, who is fighting cancer


2. Life's Struggles

Brenda's P.O.V


Besides grandpa and his cancer, I have other things to worry about [but not that important] School. i hate it i mean there will never e one day without me being pushed in lockers and getting called dumb names.. the worst thing is when it happends in front of  Brandon. Either way, why would a cute smart guy like  girl like me, l dorky and such a loner. Jenny, "my best friend" moved away i was happy, she always pushed me around and boosy i hated her.Bu i had no one else to talk to to, so i had no other choice... I hate math more than Emily Strenford.. surprisingly...Btu seriously i'm failing i dont even think my tutor knows what he's doing. He smells like smoke and acts drunk everyday.. i hate him.. and school... I swear nothing else in my life can go worse..
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