Gifted With A Powerful Heart

Brenda Rodriguez spends the last few months with her grandpa, Salvador Rodriguez, who is fighting cancer


3. Journals

Brenda's P.O.V

Tday at school, Ms. Jenren noticed that many kids were stuggling in school in just in an education kind of way but also in a social way. So she has desided tomake us write in journals. Everyone thought it was lame mostly people who followed Emily. I actually thought it was pretty lame at first but then i really thought about it and thought that it may be the only way to escape my sad life. So as a homework assignment Ms. Jeren said we had to write about how we felt in school [peice od cake!] i thought and i wrote~~~The way i feel in school is as if i were a knot that would take millions of years for people just to figure out how to untie me. the way i feel when they talk to me this way or look at me this way gets me really depressed because they dont know or care how i feel about inside. They always judge me baised on how i look, talk, or even wheen i say a couple of sentences [Emily] And when i dont uderstand something poeple try to change the subject as if they think i'll never understand. Why? Why must people think of me this way? I don't understand what i did wrong... I just don't understand.. And as they always say- As if you'll ever understand.

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