Gifted With A Powerful Heart

Brenda Rodriguez spends the last few months with her grandpa, Salvador Rodriguez, who is fighting cancer


5. Here It Goes

Brenda's P.O.V

I walked into class with every single pair of eyes on me . I must've been late. I probably didn't hear the five minute bell, I was to concentrated on what was about to happen it class. "Since your late, Ms. Rodriguez, why won't you start the class by telling what you wrote in your journal" uhh Ms. Jeren is too preppy, it annoys me.I should have paid attention to the bell! I walked up to the class and started to read. Once if was done reading, looked I looked around the classroom. Emily tried very hard not to laugh. That only lasted about thirty seconds. Wow thats her personal best i thought. I looked at Ms. Jeren, she gave me an akward look. Wow, you could actually feel the tension in the classroom. Finally, Emily said " Yeah uhh, I have a comment. Brenda I totally love your story but next time try not to make it so obvious that you want attention" she finished with a smirk on her face. I wanted to say that I didn't know we were going to read it out loud, But i was to ashamed. I hung my head as I felt tears welling up in my eyes. Let the humiliation begin...

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