Gifted With A Powerful Heart

Brenda Rodriguez spends the last few months with her grandpa, Salvador Rodriguez, who is fighting cancer


9. Grandpa's story's

"Abuelo?-grandpa- Where are you?"I yelled into the quiet house. "I'm over here.. in the living room.. Come. I have a story o tell you." He said with his rusty voice. Inever want him to leave. I would never be able to love life again if he did leave... I set my bag and books down on the table and went into the living room to fing Grandpa in his recliner dressed in his adventure suite. " hahah! What are you wearing? You look funny." He raised an eyebrow "In a good way of course!!" i said sarcasticly. A wwide smile spread across his face. " Alright so i guess you do not want to hear my redonculis adventure story." "Omg Grandpa, no one says that anymore.. no ever has!!" I laughed and he joined

"Okay well. there once was this young man. His name was Pedro. He was full of energy and was always finding some crazy thing to do. Untill one day he found this strange creature. It was half human and half lizard. Pedro named him pepito." Grandpa laughed i love his laugh its filled with life and love." So He and Pepito weny out to seek adventure together and found this mysterious ship filled with ugly crawling creatures. As they went in they heard growling and chains rumbling together." It was a long pause and after awhile he was looking into space. "And then what happend?" I asked "Y como yo voy a saber? How am i supposed to know? I'm still trying to think of what going to happend next.." He laughed "hahahah.. Okay grandpa, you do that. I have tons of homework to do.." "Ayee Mijita, I know you are going to go far in life you jus have to hold on to your dream and never let go, You promise you'll do that" "Si Abuleo, yo prometo. Yes grandpa, I promise." He bent down to kiss my forehead. I smiled I never want him to leave me.

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