Letting Go


1. Chapter 1

I walked into my house, I avoided being home as much as possible. As soon as I stepped foot into my house my dad yelled "Finley! Get over here!" I walked over to where he was, I stood about five feet away, I don't get to close to him. Sometimes when I don't stand as close I have a little bit more time to run. "Finley! Did you make this mess?" I shook my head "no." he moved closer to me. I moved farther away. He grabbed my arm, forcefully. "don't lie to me! Did you make this mess?" it wasn't really a mess, it was just a puddle of water on the table, probably just a glass of water that spilled. "no, dad, I didn't do that." he lifted his arm. Not again! "Finley! Don't lie!" "dad I'm not lying!" he hand moved fast. Propelling toward my cheek, I tried to move but he was holding my arm back.  his hand hit my face, hard. My cheek stung, his hand stayed up, I tried not to cry. "Finley, are you sure you didn't make this mess?" "dad I didn't do it-" he hit me again, then pushed me away.  he was strong, stronger then you would think he is.  "Finley, leave!" I walked out the door.  Tears were running down my face almost as fast as I was running away. From him, from everything, I just had to leave. I couldn't take this anymore.
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