The Dance Academy

15 year old Samantha Collins has dreamed that one day she would get to audition for the Academy of Dance in New York City for her entire life. When that opportunity comes she doesn't waste it. She packs up her bags and leaves her small hometown of Milton Massachusetts. This was a dream come true for Samantha right? Wrong. Nothing is going the way she planed from the mean girls, to the boys. She even starts to doubt if she truly belongs. Will she be able to over come that to do what she loves or will she crack under all the pressure?


2. Audition Day

Samanthas P.O.


After the group took a tour around the school it was time for us to get our dorms for the week. We were taken into the auditorium where there was a petite woman standing on the stage with a clipboard in her arms.

"Welcome to the academy everyone. Im mrs. James the jazz teacher here. I hope you enjoyed the tour and everything is what you have envisioned it to be like." she said with a warm smile.

"Now lets get down to business. When I call your name you may get up and go to your dorm to get changed into appropriate clothing for your first trial class. First off Samantha Collins and Clarissa Maxwell you to will be rooming together in dorm 32." she looked out into the crowd im guessing trying to find us. I raised my hand. Mrs. James nodded her head.

"Ok you two may go." she said. I got out of my seat taking my suitcase with me and dragged it out of the auditorium and into the hallway. 

"wait!" i heard a voice say behind me. i turned around and saw a girl that was about my height. She had dark brown hair with dirty blonde highlights. As she got closer to me i saw that her eyes were a steely grey.

"Hi im clarissa." she said extending her hand out. I reached out and shook it.

"Hey im Samantha. So i guess we're roomies." 

"Great I'll show you to the room. I've been taking tours and coming here to visit my older sister since i was 10." 

"wow thats so cool. So is your sister one of the many dancers that make it big from being here?" i asked. 

"Actually yea she dances on broadway and i hope to be just like her when i graduate." she said leading us into a long hallway.

"Here we are!" she said. She opened the door revealing a beautiful room with 2 beds and a large window that covered he wall and had one of those window seats. Then there was a floor length mirror on the wall that looked as if it were made of gold and was supposed to be in a princesses bedroom. On the other wall there was a huge flat screen tv hanging on the wall and a velvet couch positioned in front of it. As we walked more into the room there were 2 other doors. One door led to a bathroom with a shower, a toilet, and 2 sinks. The other door led into a huge walk in closet that had enough space to hang not only my wardrobe but probably my moms to.

"wow." i finally spit out.

"i know right. Ok come on we have to be in class in 20 minutes." she said opening up her suitcase and pulling out a dark purple leotard, point shoes, and a light pink see dance skirt. I sat down on my bed and did the same pulling out my black leotard and a pair of my ballet shoes. 



"Good afternoon everyone im Ms. Lewis. I want everyone at the bars right now doing eleve." Mrs. Lewis said clapping her hands and everyone scurried to the bars and got into position.

"Good good very good except miss. Collins is it." she came over and asked me.

"y-yes." i stuttered.

"Where have you trained before this?" she questioned me.

"At a dance studio back in my home town."

"Well we are a school of technique and obviously where you trained didn't show you any of that, Your ankles are weak. and you need to be up higher." she spat. i was a little taken aback. No one has ever told me something like that. 

"o-oh ok sorry." i said looking down at my ankles.

"dont apologize to me apologize to yourself for wasting the time at the dance studio and apologize to your parents for wasting their money there." she said walking over to the next student. There were a few snickers that went around the room and i was surprised that one of them had come from Clarissa. I shook it off though so i didn't look weak. On the  outside i tried to stay calm and collected but on the inside i was breaking because I knew that i probably just blew my chanced on getting in the academy.

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